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For The Knife Maker

We are offering a listing for the knife enthusiasts of some great resources. We will be adding more of the better knife-making suppliers we have found as well as some suppliers from related industries which have proven to be invaluable. Although we have used all of these companies with good results, the KnifeCenter, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any transactions others may have with these companies.

Stallgatan 9
S- 815 76 Söderfors
E-Mail: mail@damasteel.se
TEL: 0046-(0) 293 17480
FAX: 0046-(0) 293 30124

Damascus steel in billits, bars, sheets or strips with decorative patterns.
A Swedish company which produces some beautiful steel, we have offered them this link and hope some folks out there give their products a try.
In November 1992 a coorperation began between Söderfors Powder AB and Kaj Embretsen, Bladesmith, Edsbyn Sweden.
A successful method to produce patterned material by use of the powder metallurgy (PM) was developed during 1993.
Patent was recieved June 1996 regarding methods to produce patterned billets from PM.
The premier award for "Innovation of the year" was recieved at the EPMA Congress in Paris in June 1994.
A new company, DAMASTEEL AB, was formed in August 1995, to serve the market with Damascene steel billets and bars.

Jantz Supply
309 West Main
Box 584
Davis, OK. 73030
800 351 8900 or 405 369 2316

Jantz is a supplier of most things specifically geared for knife makers. Their prices are fair but not low and they have items including Steel stock, pre-ground blades including some Solingen, blades with handle materials as kits, various rivets and fittings, brass, bar stock and round stock, spacer material, pakkawood in various forms, other handle materials including pearl and stag. For tools, their selection includes PanaVise, Burr King, Wilton, Baldor, Dremel and supplies. Lots of polishing supplies and hand tools plus welding and soldering supplies. They also have bluing systems, glue and compounds. They usually do not extend terms right away, but they are available for good customers.

Sheffield Knifemakers Supply
P.O. Box 141, Deland, FL 32721
(904) 775-6453

Sheffield Supply are a great source for handle material such as Pakkawood and micarta. They have good prices and work hard to get the materials to you in a timely manner. They have a wide selection of merchandise and are great people to deal with.


10649 HADDINGTON #180
PHONE 713-461-8632 FAX 713-461-8221 EMAIL jimll@hal-pc.org

Offers a complete line of supplies for the Kinfemaker. Finished Blades, SS Damascus Blades & Folder Kits with Cryogenic Quenching, Exotic Woods, Micarts, Knifemaking Equiptment, Horn, Stabilized & Laminated Woods, Ovens, Steels, Sheaths and In_House Heat Treating & -300F Cryogenic Quenching.

Rio Grande Albuquerque
4516 Anaheim Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
800 545 6566 or 505 821 7620

Rio Grande is a jeweler's supply house. Why list it here? Because they have a great selection of tools and supplies which apply to knife makers. From hand tools to Foredom and flexible shaft supplies to handle material, Rio is one of the best suppliers because they offer an incredible array of items and stock the merchandise well. They are not cheap, but are worth having as a resource. Their catalog alone is worth placing a small order with them.

Thunderbird Supply
1907 West 66 Ave
Gallup, NM 87301
800 545 7968 or 505 722 4323

Like Rio Grande above, this is a jeweler's supply house. It has VERY good pricing on handle materials including any pearl, abalone or genuine or reconstructed stones and its tools, although the selection of tools is less than that of Rio Grande.

Highly Recommended!:
Indian Jeweler's Supply
601 East Coal Ave
Gallup, NM 87301
800 545 6540 or 505 722 4451

Their WebSite HERE

Like Thunderbird and Rio Grande above, this is a jeweler's supply house. It is our favorite of the three for its prices, and service. The selection is good, too.

Industrial Equipment and Supplies
All Over The USA
800 323 0620

WW. Grainger is a great commercial supplier of thousands and thousands of industrial tools, fittings and more. They have about every variety of motor made, most are from Dayton, and GE. Also of interest are safety equipment, pumps, lighting, some abrasives, and welding supplies Their prices are not low on most things, but the motors are reasonable (compared to specific knife maker supply houses) and their selection is not matched anywhere we have found. The best idea is to get their phone-book sized catalog and call in orders first to find the location which has the item you want. They ship everywhere (at least in the US) and give credit terms easily. Their locations are warehouses where you place your order at the desk and they retrieve the item.