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Received the two bm 800 SBT knives today (yesterday actually). I am very satisfied with the quick service, and the knife is even more beautiful then I'd expected. Worth every cent, and so says my friend for whom the other knife was.

I'll fill in a feedback form and will probably order more in the future.

I am so very pleased with the service I received from you. I have been collecting for some time now and you have given me an avenue to get what I want at great prices. The delivery was quick.
You have my business from now on.
Thank you

I was just in your store today and purchased a Benchmade 975SBT. I got the price and the exact model I wanted from your excellent Web site. I just wanted to thank you all for a great product, great service and a great Web site. I'm sure you will be hearing a lot more from me in the future. Keep up the great work.

The Knife Center is definitely the most comprehensive and informative web site of its kind. Its easy to use and an excellent reference and your prices are some of the best around. Thank you for providing a well thought out site for people who want instant access to detailed information about a wide variety of products. I love it!

" Visiting the web site of the Knife Center is a pleasure! I also learn a lot from it, including my English. It is a great place you like to stay in the Internet. It keeps changing. This is a amazing web site. "

It takes something electrifying to make this old Mountain Man sit up and take notice. You and your company and your URL location is one of those. A few days ago I asked about a Hunting knife page and you replied almost immediately and in one day had one up and running with exactly what I am looking for. I will be ordering two knives in the very near future for the upcoming hunting season, two that are not available in other catalogs or stores that I have visited. Keep up the good work I will link your page to my hunting pages and personal page by weeks end. I am very impressed. Thanks for the prompt action and attention.

Most Respectfully"

" For knife collectors buying from other catalogs (eg. The Edge Co.), theprices here are great! The savings can be more than 10 to 20%. And the selection is far superior. My order was sent in a timely fashion and I incurred absolutely no problems. I will order from here again."

" I purchased a couple of your SpyderCo Q knives a few weeks ago, and not only did they arrive at my home in LESS than 24 hours (unheard of in this day and age!), but when I called and asked a couple of questions, I was treated with the utmost respect and had a great time talking to Howard.

Thanks for the great service and I hope to be doing business with you again soon!

Beautiful internet site...very easy to move through with a huge variety of products. Ordering was quick and easy, I also appreciate the input you had given to me on the various knife manufacturers. The turnaround time on my order was fantastic ! This will certainly be my one stop shopping site in the future."Thanks again for a great internet experience !


I Just Received My Braveheart Sword And I Am Pleased To Say That For Once I Have Found A Mail-Order Item That Exceeds My Expectations. The Craftsmanship is Fantastic!

The Knifecenter is without a doubt the best knife resource available on the Net or anywhere else. Thank you and please keep up the fine work.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

The Michael Walker Lightweight is beautiful. The look, the weight, thefeel and the sharp blade are exquisite. I never thought I'd spend $50 on a knife. I will probably do it again in the fall. I hope this one doesn't go up too much after its introduction.


I am looking forward to giving this to my daughter tomorrow morning for her 16th birthday. You should see some of the looks I get from my friends when I tell them what I bought her.I am sending your URL out to all of my friends. I hope you get lots of business.

I have really appreciated your on-line catalog, the richness of information and the good quality of the pictures displayed.

I found them really useful to understand the knives construction methods and the related design.

Since I have started collecting knives I have always been looking for reviews about my favourite knives, because I consider them relevant to choose the right knife for the right person.

Thanks a lot for supporting with your job my passion for the blades.



Thank you for your message. I received the knife today, in fact, and am truly tickled with it. I would recommend you folks base on my experience, without reservation or qualification. It was a pleasure doing business with you.



Dear Mr. Korn,

Your web site is a source of a great deal of pleasure to me. I have spent hours browsing through it since I discovered it through some web search that took me to a page called the Big 'OL List of Knife Companies. Even though I live in the San Francisco Bay area, I have found no local shops that carry an even interesting selection of merchandise. So to have what seems like every item of manufactured cutlery available through a keyboard and a phone call, at great prices, is a tremendous joy to me.I am a small scale collector, I only buy knives that I feel comfortable carrying, and using, no high priced investment quality knives, and so far, I have not reached the point where I have enough, so be expecting more of my business!

First of all, here is my comment.

I am a sword and knife collector that started out purchasing from a mail order catalog that was all "frills". I thought the prices were decent (at the time), but the service and quality I received from them left much to be desired. From that experience I came to the conclusion that mail order was a rip-off and that I would pay the higher price just to be able to see what I'm buying before the purchase. After finding out about Knifecenter of the Internet, I decided to give you a chance and let me say that I have been all but disappointed. The quality is excellent, the service is unbelievable and the prices are incomparable.

You have earned a permanent customer. Thank you.

It's July 4, and that's special to everyone in the U.S. Some people >however believe it's worthwhile to take care of their customers for at least part of the day. Last night I sent a small order and inquiry off to these folks and TODAY, July 4, I get a response. Someone over there (actually Howard Korn) took the time out of his holiday to make sure his customers were taken care of.

Pretty special people, great prices, and they treat their customers like real people. These folks along with A.G. Russell are pretty special and I think we need to make sure we support their efforts on the Net.

Just want to add my "me too" to this compliment ... I have bought from Howard on two occasions (and we are working on #3 if he can run down my request for the probably impossible). He is a good person to do business with!!

One of the best home pages yet, I love knives and I like the way you have set yours up...lots of pictures and I like the comments. Keep up the good work.

Dear Howard,


I received the rest of my order yesterday. Everything is fantastic!!!. I just want to thank you for the professional manner in the way you took care of this order. I will always recommend your company to others.

Thanks again!!


Thanks for the call and the E-mail regarding the shipping of the Al Mar I ordered. I really like your web pages and regularly check them for updates/specials and for knives I'm looking for. You have an excellent selection of stuff at decent prices, and I will recommend your company to friends who are looking for knives or stone inlays.


Best Regards,

Hello, I just received my order a few days ago, and I am very pleased at the results of my purchase. The White Dragon Katana by Art Gladius has exquisite detail to the tsuka and the blade is marvelously designed. It is definitely an item worth collecting. Again, let me thank you for delivery of the order and of doing business with you.

Best pages I've seen on the Net

Best catalog of any kind-fast & informative.

This is a great site. Thank you very much.


I just compared the prices for the BOKER optima knives of "knifecenter

at the internet" with the prices of my local dealer. The prices of

"knifecenter" are slightly better. 1 $ = 1.5 German marks( DM ).


The most well known German switch blade knives are made by BOKER.

The prices for autos in the traditional German style is 100.00 - 150.00

DM, depends on the handle shells. A modern design is sold for 150.00 -


A no-name knife ( traditional design ) is for 50.00 DM.

I expect, your mother will be surprised how many American knives, she

will see in the stores. BENCHMADE, SPYDERCO and BUCK are Germans


Dear KnifeCenter and Howard:

I have received the Ramshead Claymore Broadsword I ordered from you last



The sword is

> beyond my wildest expectations;

> beyond compare in value for the price; and

> beyond belief for low, low shipping charges!


As expected in the present state of the art, the Internet "photograph" of the

Claymore does not do the sword justice. I was a bit wary about ordering

something from a retailer that had no outlet or catalogue, especially since

it was my first time on the Internet. However, I can only hope that future

orders will provide the splendid merchandise and expert customer service I

received from The KnifeCenter.


Thanking you for your kind attention, I remain


>Dear Sir,

>We really enjoy browsing your pages. The KnifeCenter really is THE best knife and

>sword company on the internet.


Just thought I'd let you know. The 975 (CQC7) that I'd ordered

arrived. It's everything I'd anticipated. Pleasure doing business with

you. I'll let everyone I know that you exist and your prices are GREAT.

I've put a link to you on my "Stuff" page. Again, thanks.




I just wanted to say thank you for your combination of good service

and good price. I ordered a Benchmade Leopard Cub which I received

on Monday.


Thanks again, and keep up the good work. If my finances work out

the way I hope, then I will have another order for you in about

a month, an AFCK.


Thank you for the quick reply. I applaud what you are doing with your store

on the Internet. So far you are doing a great job.

: I have to add my voice to this praise - The Knife Center was just about

: the only place on the Internet that showed much interest in shipping to


While I'm not from the UK, I will agree that they are the best place I've

delt with so far. I got my shipment in a few days with no hassle or

worry. I'm pleased with what I got and what I paid.

Cheers to Howard!

Believing in giving credit where it is earned and due ..... I just received a

leather Puma sheath for my lockback from Howard Korn at the Knife Center. He

treated me well and our business was accomplished in a totally satisfactory

and professional fashion.

On the basis of this contact, I would recommend Mr. Korn to any of you good

folks who might be looking for sharp things.


I share your opinions on Howard Korn and the Knife Center. He has been

extremely helpful to me, locating prices for knives that are not listed

on his website. I'm fixing to place an order with him (he cut me a good

deal on the new Spyderco Jess Horn...no pun intended!) IMO, he has the

best selection of cutlery and accessories on the web.



Today, much to the relief of my constant anticipation, my order arrived!

It may be moot to you, but I'm more than satisfied with, not only the

tools I purchased, but the way your company handled the entire thing.

I will recommend your company to everyone I know--on the net or otherwise!


These and other like comments really make the cutlery business on the web a very worthwhile pursuit. Thanks to all!

Howard Korn: Owner
The KnifeCenter of the Internet

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