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Folding Pocket knives at the Knife Center:

We offer thousands of different folding knives here at Knife Center. To make your selection of folding knives easier, we have divided them up into different types.

From tactical folding knives to gentleman's pocket knives we have everything between.

Benchmade Folding Knives

buy Benchmade Folding Knives
Benchmade Knives are some of the finest pocketknife models in the world.

Spyderco Folding Knives

discount Spyderco Folding Knives
When you hold a Spyderco pocketknife in your hand you know you are holding quality. It is backed by more than 30 years of research and development to find the right steels and handle materials. The Spyderco knife has been ergonomically designed to open easily and fit comfortably in the hand while cutting.

Tanto Folding Knives

combat fighting Tanto Folding Knives
Tanto Folding Knives are very popular for tactical use. The tips of tanto folders are very strong by design. We have the best selling CQC7 from Emerson Knives (pictured) as well as Tantos from other pocketknife manufacturers.

Automatic Switch Blades

Automatic Auto Switch Blade Folding Knives
Automatic Folding Knives give you the fighting edge, by making sure that you are faster than the other guy.

We are only able to sell automatic knives to law enforcement and active duty military.

Custom Made Folding Pocket Knives

Custom Folding Knives
The Knife Center offers some of the finest custom made pocketknives in the world. These one of a kind custom knives include gentleman pocket knives, tactical pocketknife models and everything in between.

Semi-Custom Knives

Semi Custom Folding Knives
Semi Custom knives have some parts made on assembly line or jobbed out but the final fit and finish is all hand done by the master craftsman.

Kershaw Asst. Folding Pocketknife Models

Kershaw Folding Knives
Some of the best made and reasonably priced assisted opening folding knives. Kershaw Knives introduced this novel way of opening a folding knife and are, in our opinion, at the forefront with more pocketknife models, the best system and great designs.

SOG Asst. Folding Knives

SOG Folding Knives
SOG has a great mechanism and some innovative designs with their assisted opening folding pocket knives.

Stockman Folding Knives

Stockman Folding Knives
This traditional pattern has a large clip blade, a sheepsfoot (straight edge) blade and a Spey blade as pictured. They come in a variety of sizes and handle materials.

Trapper Folding Knives

Trapper Folding Knives
Trapper folding knives usually have two blades including a clip blade and a spey blade as pictured. They also come in a variety of sizes and handles.

Whittler Folding Knives

Whittler Folding Knives
Three Blade Folders
This traditional pocketknife pattern has a large clip blade, a coping blade and a pen blade as pictured. They come in a variety of sizes and handle materials.

Canoe Folding Knives

Canoe Folding Knives
Canoes generally have 1 or 2 blades and the closed shape is "canoe" like.

Chris Reeve Folding Knives

Chris Reeve Folding Knives
Chris Reeve produces beautiful handmade folding knives and many think they are the best folding knives on the market.

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Peal Folding Knives
Timeless classic that is always elegant. Pearl handle folding pocket knives make great gifts.

Lockback Folding Knives

Lockback Folding Knives
Illustrated here by the Folding Hunter from Buck, the lockback knives have a metal piece on the top of the handle that releases the blade from a locked position. We have pocketknife models from under 2 inches all the way up to a foot in length and various handle materials.

Lock Options
Frame Locks, Lockbacks, Other Systems
Lockbacks with Carbon Steel Blades

Linerlocking Folding Knives

best deal on Linerlocking Folding Knives
These folding pocketknives have a liner, or metal sheet, inside the handle that is stressed so that it moves across the base of the blade when you open the pocketknife, to lock the blade in the open position. To close the knife, you simply use your thumb to move the liner aside releasing the blade.

Handle Material Options:
Plastic, G-10, Aluminum

Opinel French Folding Knives

Opinel French Folding Knives
Simple folding pocketknives with good carbon steel blades and a unique locking system. Picasso used an Opinel for some small sculptures!

Svord Peasant Knives

best deal on Svord Peasant Knives
A simple design with a wide, carbon steel blade that is very sharp. The lock is really your ability to grip the handle tightly. It's very simple and effective and inexpensive.