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PUMA is one of the famous trade-marks that gave Solingen its name " City of Knives " . Founded in 1769, the Company's first rule was, and still is today, first class quality which is reflected in their hunting and sporting knives. Since then, the skill and workmanship has been passed down from father to son, resulting in a combination of unsurpassed quality between the artisan and his art. Continuous contacts with other manufacturers, custom knife makers and designers, from all over the world led and lead to technical cooperation, exchange of experience and new models which complete the manufacturing program. A precondition for cooperation is that quality corresponds to our own high standard submitted to strict quality control. The PUMA guarantee stands for the utmost quality and the very best materials and craftsmanship.

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Puma is one of the famous trade-marks that gave Solingen its name "City of Knives" Read about their history and manufacturing process here.

Bone Handle Folders

Traditional styles of folders with bone handles. Traditional patterns with PUMA quality
Discount Puma Knives from the Knife Center
The Handic Liner Lock

Tactical type folder with inlaid material on the handle

Polymer Handle Fixed Blade Knives

Classic models with a modern and economical twist

The STEEL Frame Lock

Great as a pocket knife or a money clip. 3-1/2" Closed

The PUMA "Snake" Series

Small fixed blades with one-piece construction and ABS insert in the handle The PUMA shield is in the insert.

PUMA "Prairie" Series

Skeletonized handles and handy small size along with a fantastic price make this a great series.

PUMA "Forest Shark" Award Winning Fixed Blade

One piece stainless steel construction with polished finish. A work of art!

Survival Skeleton Knife

A great and easy to carry pocket tool. These have a variety of features including a leather cord wrapped handle. 8-5/8" overall length.
Discount Puma Knives from the Knife Center
Traditional Lockbacks

Black and green Zytel® handles on some of the sturdiest traditional style lockbacks anywhere. They include "Stealth Lockbacks" with Blackened Blades/ Bolsters

Hobbytec and Sportec

Modern style and PUMA quality combine to make some awesome pocketknives with matte finished stainless and Zytel handles.

PUMA Knives Small Pocketknife Lockbacks

Great ultra thin small lockbacks that are perfect for any pocket or purse. We usually have these with steel, wood or mother-of-pearl handles


These popular New Generation lockbacks feature stainless steel blades that are individually forged, tempered and ground by hand. Lightweight handle alloys and Zytel® scales add a futuristic, yet practical, appearance to each model.

Hunting, Scout and Trekking Fixed Blades

Old world style and quality embrace to produce these classic fixed blades. This selection includes the Bowies and Gut-Hook hunters, but not the White Hunters listed below. A few wooden handle models are also included.

Hunting Folders

PUMA's classic stag handle folders with a variety of blade styles. This selection is what many think of when they hear PUMA

The White Hunters

Perhaps the most famous of the PUMA products and definitely the most imitated, we have several models of the PUMA White Hunter available

Puma-Lite Lockbacks

Lightweight and well made, the PUMA-Lites are a great selection.

PUMA Fillet Knives

Great Stainless steel blades with a smart looking grip for solid work when fishing.
Black Ceramic Blade Folders
Modern technology meets PUMA tradition

PUMA Collector's Pieces
Fine collector's pieces from one of the most famous of German knives

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