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Rescue Knives From The Knifecenter

Rescue knives are one of the hottest new items to hit the market in the past few years. Stemming from the understanding that
our public service officers need quality tools that work for a specific purpose, rescue knives have been made to help these men and women do their
extremely arduous job.

Many American Knife Companies have contributed to providing great rescue knives. Among them is Benchmade who designed their
fabulous rescue hooks designed for rescue jobs that need a strong blade but also involve a persons safety.
Spyderco has also made a name for themselves in the rescue knife area. With innovative designs and great craftsmanship
these rescue knives provide the rescue worker with the tools required to get the job done safely.

Some other notable rescue knife makers are Emerson, Colt, Boker, Camillus, and Master of Defense
These wonder knife companies all have a different twist on the rescue knife providing unique ideas and great
craftsmanship that any rescue will use in times of need.

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