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Customer Reviews of KnifeCenter

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Hi Just wanted to say thank you for the speed of international delivery.
It must have taken around 3 or 4 days to arrive from the US to England - how bloody fast is that!!!!
You obviously have your process for shipping incredibly well organized as I couldn't believe just how fast it arrived. I buy a lot of items from the US, but this had to be the fastest by a big THANK YOU AND WELL DONE!!!!
And you can be sure that, as a collector, I will be buying many more knives from you in the future.
Thanks again!

My name is Scott and I am a trainer and police officer from South Carolina. I own and operate a successful training firm that conducts weapons training to include a popular tactical knife class. I recently ordered several Sharkee VirtualBlade marking knives from your company to conduct a hastily assembled knife class for several SC National Guard members who are soon to deploy to Iraq. As the class was put together on short notice, I needed the knives rather quickly so I ordered them 2nd day delivery via the web and attached a note stating I needed them quickly. Much to my suprise, within 10 hours of my order I received a phone call from one of your employees, Tom, who assured me the items would be sent on time utilizing standard shipping. Within two days my knives did indeed arrive as Tom promised saving me a few dollars on shipping and leaving me thoroughly impressed with your company. I really like the knives and the class went without a hitch. You also have my compliments as you Indirectly played a role in preparing a group of young soldiers to better serve our country.
The few dollars I saved on shipping and the product you supplied are a nice bonus, but I have never received this level of outstanding customer service from any web based order I have ever placed. I will definitely be ordering more from you guys.

Hello I recently purchased the Boker Gnome Neck Knife, and at the time, this particular knife was on back order. I just received the knife and could not be happier with my purchase. Even though It took some time to arrive I never once worried or wondered . . . "What ever happened with that order I placed!?" is by far the most pleasant experience I have had in dealing with e-commerce. I moved during the backorder period, changing the destination address by a thousand miles. My second day in my new apartment UPS gifts me my package! I have never had a problem being a squeaky wheel when I am getting the run around or being mishandled. I enjoy, even more, putting the same amount of time and effort into ensuring those who care, when procedure and people are getting it right!
Thank you!; to all of the employees of for the opportunity, you offer quality, competence, and peace of mind at competitive prices. I pass your info off every time the situation calls for it. Keep up the Kickass work! Success and Happiness to all,

Dear Sirs, ( I hope this reaches the boss!)

I had ordered a Gerber Machete Jr. as well as a carbide sharpener about a week ago. I found an online notice that there is a recall on this item for safety modification. After receiving an e-mail from you stating that the this Gerber Machete Jr. was out of stock awaiting backorder. I wanted to make sure that the shipped unit would be the updated, safe version. Upon calling Knifecanter, I was assured that it would be and that it would be shipped the day it arrived. I told the gentleman I spoke with that I hoped it would be here in time for me and my Boy Scout son to use it at a Camporee next weekend. To our surprise, the order arrived yesterday. The order was perfect and delivered express mail. GREAT, BRAVO KNIFECENTER! I have purchased from you before and did not hesitate ordering from you again. In fact, as a scouting leader, shop teacher and backpacker enthusiast in an outdoor club, I recommend your company often. You have a great staff and a reputable company to be proud of. Thank you.

By the way, if you need a field tester to write critiques on equipment I am available.

I am not a particularly big spender, but I have ordered a handful of knives from you all over the last year or two, and have basically come to the conclusion that with the exception of a custom knife or something, if I can't buy it from you guys, I just won't bother. Every one of my orders has gone great, and the dozen or so people that I have referred to you (to include my mom!) have all had good experiences as well. Thank you for creating a site that is easy to use, fun to browse and informative. Don't change a thing!

136-140 of 140 results
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