Reviews and Ratings for AceBeam UC15 Mini Keychain LED Light, Pink, 1000 Max Lumens

AceBeam UC15 Mini Keychain LED Light, Pink, 1000 Max Lumensrated 3.500 stars out of 5 (2 reviews)
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AceBeam UC15 Mini Keychain LED Light, Pink, 1000 Max Lumens


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AceBeam UC15 Mini Keychain LED Light, Pink, 1000 Max Lumens
rated 5 stars out of 5
Gowan Brae, Pe
Apr 16, 2020
Pros: Bulb Durability, Battery Life, Durability, Brightness
Cons: None

Great small bright light

Hello, I had written a previous review on 7 Apr 2020 about this light where I only gave it 2 out of 5 rating because I couldn't turn on the red or UV lights. Knifecenter contacted me afterwards and said I could return it for another one. With all this flu going on and I thought I would probably not use the red or UV light very much anyways, I decided to just keep it and avoid all the mailing back and forth to Canada and the costs for that. But earlier today I decided to put the clip on it and in the process accidentally held down the switch and the main light came on, and since I was trying to line up a tiny screw I didn't let go off the switch right away. And lo and behold - the red light came on! 2 clicks and the UV light came on. And then I could switch back and forth and this little light worked perfectly. The problem was the instructions told me to long press for the main light, and an even longer press (longpress2) for the red/UV lights. Well I was holding down and when the main light came on after pressing, I thought I had done something wrong and would let go of the switch and try again. They didn't tell me just to keep pressing the button until after the main light comes on until the red/UV light comes on. Seeing how it now works as described, and it is very bright (especially with the 10440 batteries) I can give it a 5 rating. So it was probably my fault for not understanding the instructions. Knifecenter - if you read this perhaps a note on your description will help others? Or at least now if you get further complaints from folks not being able to turn on the red/UV lights you can suggest this? Thank you Knifecenter for the prompt reply to my review though.