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Blackjack Classic Model 14 Halo Attack Fixed 7-1/2" Blade, Black Canvas Micarta Handlesrated 5.000 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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Blackjack Classic Model 14 Halo Attack Fixed 7-1/2 inch Blade, Black Canvas Micarta Handles


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Blackjack Classic Model 14 Halo Attack Fixed 7-1/2" Blade, Black Canvas Micarta Handles
rated 5 stars out of 5
Tom Horn
Mar 21, 2018
Pros: Blade Material, Materials, Handle Material, Weight, Finish, Overall Quality, Blade Sharpness
Cons: None
A Poor Man’s Randall
A knife to blaze a wilderness. Good for what come down the pike. The knife you need, when you really need a knife; not the bushcraft knife you take for your weekend survival training exercise. The knife you grab when the stuff hits the wind turbine. A knife to fight off charging catamounts, grizz, and wild dog packs. A knife to give you the confidence to face the things that go bump in the middle of the night. A regular wrecking bar with a grip. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I would say the number one attribute I look for in a combat/survival knife is confidence of non-failure in high stress/heavy use situations. I believe the 14 Halo Attack Fixed possesses that, in spades (pun intended). Many Bowies/fighters/combat knives have points too, fine and thin to instill that confidence in me. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Excellent fit and finish on the 14 Halo. The convex ground edge arrived, “camp knife,” sharp. Great grind for batoning/chopping wood & bone. Balance is slightly forward of hilt. The handle is comfortable, and its pregnant belly makes it easy to hold on to. The top quillion/guard (value be dammed) is going to get upgraded to a thumb ramp. Just my personal preference, not something I would ding them a star for. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The sheath is adequate; it has a plastic liner. I have plans for a Kydex/leather hybrid sheath with multiple attachment options (IWB/OWB, vert/horzntl carry), so this knife can fill any purpose it is tasked with. A small attachable pouch for the outside of the sheath would be nice to keep an ESEE Zancuda, or OKC RAT folder, pocket stone, oil pen, Ferro rod in (all available at >>>>>>>>>>>>>> What’s the difference in this knife, and a $600 Randall Knife? Randalls are hand forged; Blackjack is stock removal. Both are excellent methods of making knives, and have their pros and cons. Hand forged is more time consuming/labor intensive. Randalls are O1 steel at 54 HRC; Blackjacks are A2 at 58 HRC. Blackjacks should hold their edge better; Randalls should be less prone to chipping/failure/breaking under extreme stress. Blackjacks are a convex edge (very strong/thicker edge r/t 58 HRC, to prevent chipping); where Randalls are a compound saber ground edge (finer), not worried about chipping, due to its softer steel. Randalls have more hand crafting, and will hold/appreciate their value better (> desirable/collectible). If you can afford a Randall, get a Randall. What’s your life worth? Mine’s worth about $200 : ) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> With threatened steel tariffs on the horizon, now would be a good time to invest in a nice Blackjack, or Bark River Knife, before steel/knife prices go through the roof. As always, thanks Knife Center, for the speedy delivery, excellent service, and the great cutlery.