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Boker Plus Tomahook Tactical Tomahawk 18.125" Overall, Black SK-5 Carbon Steel, Kydex Sheathrated 3.2 stars out of 5 (5 reviews)
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Boker Plus Tomahook Tactical Tomahawk 18.125 inch Overall, Black SK-5 Carbon Steel, Kydex Sheath


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Boker Plus Tomahook Tactical Tomahawk 18.125" Overall, Black SK-5 Carbon Steel, Kydex Sheath
rated 5 stars out of 5
David C.
Redlands, Ca
Nov 06, 2014
Pros: Construction, Head Material, None
Cons: Handle Material

Great next gen small axe

I have been using this axe to process an ash tree into a variety of projects, and it does an excellent job. I normally use a bearded axe from Ragnar for this sort of thing, but I wanted something with a similar head shape with a handle that would not need to be reset periodically. The full metal haft changes the balance off the head a bit, though it only takes a few swings to find an effective arc. Where this axe truly excels is in the numerous grips possible. Strong chops are anchored nicely at the end by the butt, fine work like de-barking goes fast when choked up behind the blade, and the swell in the middle of the haft is where I park my index finger for a surprisingly effective grip for medium work. My one complaint is that the scales leave the metal haft exposed; I would have preferred to have the metal completely covered, but that would trade off for problems in width and possible breaking scales on a blown swing. I wear gloves for working anyway, so not a big deal, but I may paracord it on the off chance I take it hiking. The exposed steel does give you a truly eery feel of edge control; no other axe or hawk I have used has felt like it. The edge is a standard V grind--it works fine, and if you care about bevels you probably already have the tools and skills to change it if you want. I chop wood so I don't need a delicate paper-slicing edge, nor do I need a spike to fight off the Mall Ninjas. I don't care about "tactical" but I wish they would have marketed it "tacti-tool" instead. My first thought when I opened the box was, "Wow, that's really flat," and that it was unlike any other ax or hawk I own. After using it, I am impressed and consider it worth the money. If the weight puts you off, go find a lighter axe or hit the gym. Keep an open mind on this one, and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Boker Plus Tomahook Tactical Tomahawk 18.125" Overall, Black SK-5 Carbon Steel, Kydex Sheath
rated 4 stars out of 5
Pacific NW USA
Aug 22, 2013
Pros: Head Material, Balance, Construction, Weight, Handle Material
Cons: None

If anything lkethe prototype, this will be a winner

I had the chance to evaluate the original rough prototype one-of-a-kind Tomahook, originally crafted for Colin Despins by Sniper Bladeworks. I trust Boker/Boker Plus quality & Colin's design, so this should be one beast of a tool. The blade shape is useful, the hook can be used for literal hooking & trapping in close quarters combat. The less-pronounced "spike" on the back will deliver a nasty blow without sticking into the target material like a traditional spike axe. Despins & his brother put lots of thought into the design of this tool, & demanded it be produced at an affordable price. I will definitely pick this up for my collection, as the prototype I handled was impressive in chopping, slicing & overall execution. Very cool design!
Boker Plus Tomahook Tactical Tomahawk 18.125" Overall, Black SK-5 Carbon Steel, Kydex Sheath
rated 4 stars out of 5
Manchester UK
Sep 09, 2013
Pros: Balance, Construction, Weight, Head Material
Cons: Handle Material, None

Just arrived in the UK

Ok just got this in the UK and have to say so far prety well impressed. Length weight all seem good to me as with the other guys there was some minor rust on about an inch or so at the bottom of the blade but no biggie as I was expecting it . I may just have to wrap a bit of para cord around the handle though as if its getting for chopping wood ECT it could do with something to help the grip . Otherwise I'm well pleased so far and have to say delivery and every thing was great will use these guys again . W .
Boker Plus Tomahook Tactical Tomahawk 18.125" Overall, Black SK-5 Carbon Steel, Kydex Sheath
rated 2 stars out of 5
Grand Island, NE
Aug 29, 2013
Pros: Handle Material, None
Cons: Head Material, Balance, Weight, Construction

Let down....

I thought this model looked pretty neat when it first came out, so I had to have one. I got it yesterday, and if I was able to see this model for real, I would not have bought it. On this page it looks wicked and sexy, but for real, it is too heavy and too long. I think the head is done well, but it is made of a tool steel and when I opened the box, the bottom half of the blade was completely rusted. The grip is too thin, as is the steel itself. I will keep it, but I will be doing some personal work on it. I will punch holes in the handle/shaft section, to lighten the overall load. I took me half an hour to work off the rust on the blade.
Boker Plus Tomahook Tactical Tomahawk 18.125" Overall, Black SK-5 Carbon Steel, Kydex Sheath
rated 1 stars out of 5
Michael N
Harlingen, Tx
May 15, 2015
Pros: Head Material, Weight, Balance
Cons: Construction, Handle Material, None

Cool Factor only goes as far as you using it

Where to start? First look around for several video's online about the Tomahook breaking their out there and I wish I would have seen them before getting one. I really like the design of the Boker Tomahook but that's pretty much where the like stops. At the price range for the Tomahook you can find far better Tomahawks and even the cheaper ones that will hold up far better. I used it 3 times: The First time was on a sheet of 1/4 inch plywood I had laying around messed with it for about five minutes. The second time was on a 1/2 branch hanging to low on one of my trees The third time is when it broke apart. I was chopping up some kindling for a barbecue when 4 of the rivets on the handle broke and one of the scales broke resulting in gashing my hand. ( they look like torx screws but they are cheap rivets) I was doing the cutting on an old ash stump I use for chopping and splitting. The pieces I was chopping up for the BBQ where about a foot long and no thicker then your thumb and some smaller so there was no brute force involved. The rivets just came apart that's the only way I can explain it. I contacted Boker U.S. to inform them of what happened thinking I had just gotten a bad one that slipped threw their quality control. A very nice lady apologized and said that it was inexcusable for that to have happened. She then asked for my shipping info and email so she could send me tracking info and that a new one would be shipped to me that very day or the next. Wow That was great customer service. Then about three hours latter I receive an email from this very same lady saying that she was very sorry but her supervisor said that she could not send me one. When trying to find out more info about being promised a new one and then being told no I would not receive one, I met with nothing more then rudeness, phone calls not being returned and finally an email telling me that the matter was closed and to stop calling, emailing and posting to their Facebook page and that I was free to write a review based on my experience with the Tomahook but as there where so many good reviews on it that it would make no difference . I seem to have hit a nerve. The funny thing is I never once posted a thing to their Facebook page nor had I up to then written a single review. Talk about bad customer service. I am more then sure that Boker knows about the problems with the Tomahook from a couple of side conversations and I did not say this remarks from the one time someone at Boker U.S. did answer their phone. If you want something that will look cool hanging on your wall or to show off to your friends the Boker Tomahook is for you but if you plan on really using it or if you need to depend on it you can do a great deal better for even less money.