Reviews and Ratings for CIVIVI Knives C906DS Durus Flipper Knife 3" Damascus Blade, Milled Black G10 Handles

CIVIVI Knives C906DS Durus Flipper Knife 3" Damascus Blade, Milled Black G10 Handlesrated 4.500 stars out of 5 (2 reviews)
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CIVIVI Knives C906DS Durus Flipper Knife 3 inch Damascus Blade, Milled Black G10 Handles


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CIVIVI Knives C906DS Durus Flipper Knife 3" Damascus Blade, Milled Black G10 Handles
rated 5 stars out of 5
West Chester, Oh
Aug 30, 2019
Pros: Pocket Clip, Overall Quality, Handle Feel, Weight, Ease of Opening
Cons: None

Very nice

Beautiful knife, perfect carry size and flips very smooth like a zt. Cool looking Damascus and comes with a deep carry clip which all clip knives should imo. This is high quality and great value for the price.
CIVIVI Knives C906DS Durus Flipper Knife 3" Damascus Blade, Milled Black G10 Handles
rated 4 stars out of 5
Steve F
Rochester, NY
May 28, 2020
Pros: Pocket Clip, Blade Material, Lock Ease of Use, Weight, Ease of Opening, Blade Sharpness
Cons: None

Goodvalue, nice EDC

This knife has an unusually smooth opening mechanism for its price class. It is not assisted, but it flips open with the smoothness of a much higher-end knife. with a satisfying "click" at the end. Great pivot. The flipper tab is jimped; you never slip or 'miss' when you go to flip this blade open. It doubles as protection for your index finger in the usual manner when the blade is deployed. There is no side-to-side play when the blade is open; if that ever develops, the pivot is adjustable . It was adjusted perfectly right out of the box: loose enough to flip open easily, tight enough so that there is no play when it is open. You can also easily close this knife with one hand. The knife is put together with Torx screws, so you can take the whole thing apart to clean it if needed. I have XXL hands, and my pinky does hang a bit off the end of the handle. Reverse grip is reasonably comfortable, but if you have mitts like me, a little tight. There is what appears to be a choil for your forefinger at the bottom of the blade, but it is not very well executed. The cutting edge is right on top of the choil, and I wouldn't want to do anything too aggressive with my finger there. That is the only thumbs-down aspect of this knife; The choil is pretty much unusable, so it merely wastes what could have been some additional cutting surface on the blade. If you have small hands and thin fingers, this may not bother you as much. The blade arrived pretty sharp, and I was able to easily take it up to a scary sharp edge. In EDC use (opening/breaking down boxes, cutting plastic shipping straps, opening letters, cutting twine, cutting those impossible-to-open bubble pack packages everything seems to be encased in today, etc.), it seems to hold its edge decently. Better than the 8CR series blades; the closest thing I can think of that I would compare this steel to In terms of edge retention is something like AUS8--Perfectly acceptable for an EDC , unless you are a steel snob (yes, I have some high-and production knives with rather exotic steel in them, but that is not necessary for an EDC and while they have great edge retention, most of them are a real pain to sharpen). There is a swedge to the blade that keeps the weight down while maintaining a little more beef as you go toward the tip. It's a hollow grind blade. I wouldn't use this as a shop knife, but it is a perfectly good EDC. Nice and light, doesn't take up much pocket real estate, and at its 3" blade length, doesn't run afoul of the vast majority of restrictive knife laws in the country. The Damascus steel looks really cool--it is quite a conversation piece when other people see it. The pattern and shimmer of the Damascus steel looks different on every ground surface. Interestingly, because of the way the Damascus looks, it makes it appear to be much more of a "gentleman's knife", and it seems to intrigue, rather than scare, non-knife people. The knife has reasonably beefy steel liners for a folding knife of this size; It's a solid little tool. The liner lock engages decently, it catches as much blade as you would expect most liner locks to engage (not fair to compare it to my overbuilt tank of a Zero Tolerance 0350 liner lock); the blade is unlikely to close under the kind of pressure you could bring to bear during any task you would perform with this knife. The pocket clip works well, is a nice deep carry, and doesn't rip up your pants. What's not to like? It is tip-up, reversible lefty or righty. The handle surfaces are scored reasonably deeply at an angle that affords a decent grip. It's certainly like nothing else in my collection. Everybody should have at least one Damascus blade like this! At this point, highly recommended. I gave it four stars instead of five simply due to the above-mentioned choil design, But I wouldn't let that stop you from buying this one.