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Emerson CQC-8 Folding Knife 3.9" Stonewash Combo Blade with Wave, G10 Handlesrated 4.500 stars out of 5 (2 reviews)
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Emerson CQC-8 Folding Knife 3.9 inch Stonewash Combo Blade with Wave, G10 Handles


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Emerson CQC-8 Folding Knife 3.9" Stonewash Combo Blade with Wave, G10 Handles
rated 5 stars out of 5
Harrison B
Manassas, Va
Oct 12, 2016
Pros: Lock Type, Pocket Clip, Handle Feel, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, Handle Material, Weight, Ease of Opening, Overall Quality
Cons: None
CQC-8 combo stonewashed
CQC-8 combo stonewashed: I will start by saying that I have been researching this knife purchase for months. I do not buy knives very often but this has been such a pleasure, that may change soon. After reading about and gaining such a level of respect for the life and man that is Ernest Emerson, I knew an Emerson had to be my next knife. If I was willing to spend $100, why not spend $200. Quality over quantity. I chose this knife for its blade shape, ergonomics, and smaller profile in width when closed from spine to top of blade (not thickness). I am a carpenter and residential remodeling project manager. Out of box, beautiful knife. Immediately in awe of the overall toughness and quality. I don't regret the expense. Well worth it. Razor/shaving sharp. Needle sharp blade tip did easily glide through one of the thick callouses in my palm. Excellent quality fit and finish. Tight tolerances as expected from a knife given its intended purpose. Tight lockup difficult to release when flicked open with wrist action or wave use, but I'm okay with that as I don't want it to budge during use or fight. Very tight pivot screw but quality feeling mechanism. I hit it with a couple squirts of WD-40 and after rocking the action quickly for a few minutes gave it a very slight turn to the left and it glides beautifully now. I checked it with my thumb nail to be sure it wouldn't spin free. Rock solid lockup. Zero side to side play even after loosening pivot. Fantastic ergonomics. Very natural and tight comfortable feel, like an extension of my fingertips. Thumb ramp as good as it looks. Very grippy G10 scales. Tore up some jeans pocket a bit already. I remember my old EDC (CRKT M21-12G Veff) being like that but instead of tearing up some jeans I might very gently glide some 200 grit sandpaper under the clip and over the scales to knock down the texture. We'll see how I feel in a week or so. I'm thumbing it down until then. Pocket and weight feel: I'm 6'1-3/4", 175-180 lbs. and fit, Lg/XL hands. I don't even feel it in my pocket. Not sure what other people are complaining or commenting about, maybe they are wee-little knife gnomes. I don't even feel the weight and it is much narrower than expected. Slim fitting, disappears in pocket. Feels surprising light and thin for its reputation on forums. I love it. Very happy and not feeling like I made a mistake going standard size for my first Emerson. Ernie says he carries standard size with combo blade every day, and so will I.
Emerson CQC-8 Folding Knife 3.9" Stonewash Combo Blade with Wave, G10 Handles
rated 4 stars out of 5
Maple Grove, MN, USA
May 20, 2010
Pros: Blade Material, Overall Quality, Ease of Opening, Handle Feel, Blade Sharpness, Handle Material, None
Cons: Lock Ease of Use
Great service. Great product.
This is my first Emerson. I've always wondered if they were worth the money. The answer for me is yes. This thing is solid and I love the Wave feature. The lock locks up really tight. So it isn't easy to disengage. This can be good and bad I guess. Recommended!