Reviews and Ratings for Kizlyar Supreme Aggressor AUS8 Fixed 6" Black Titanium Plain Tanto Blade, Kraton Handle (KK0013)

Kizlyar Supreme Aggressor AUS8 Fixed 6" Black Titanium Plain Tanto Blade, Kraton Handle (KK0013)rated 5.0 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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Kizlyar Supreme Aggressor AUS8 Fixed 6 inch Black Titanium Plain Tanto Blade, Kraton Handle (KK0013)


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Kizlyar Supreme Aggressor AUS8 Fixed 6" Black Titanium Plain Tanto Blade, Kraton Handle (KK0013)
rated 5 stars out of 5
The Duke Of Windsor
Philadelphia, PA
Aug 06, 2015
Pros: Sheath/Scabbard, Materials, Handle Material, Weight, Finish, Overall Quality, None
Cons: Blade Sharpness

Out-of-the box: excellent

I've been intently eying the Kizylar knives for the past year and, although I'm positively struck by their appearance and design, I've been hesitant to dive in and buy a moderately pricey knife with little to no background. Well, in the meantime, the online reviews, YouTube videos and miscellaneous bits of relevant data have trickled in and, things be largely positive, I recently purchased the "Aggressor" in AUS8. To begin with, I was immediately pleased with the fit and finish. Edges are clean, no odd milling marks and the handles scales are aligned perfectly. Even the false edge on the blades back is skillfully executed. The only things I could citique in this regard are the blades sharpness (it just needed a little final honing) and the sheaths strap button left a faint imprint on the kraton handle. Not at all serious but it's all I could find. Blade: a beefy tanto with false back edge (could be easily sharpened further but that's not my plan) which keeps it's full thickness until about .75" from the tip. About 1.5" of effective jimping on the back and a small guard in front. The handle is great. Full tang with the scales revealing it completely. You can't see the ABS underlay but it lends a certain stiffness to the kraton surface which makes it solid and grippy, too. Two lengthwise chanels add to your holding power as does the divot around the index finger which allows the sheath to snap in. The sheath is among the better of the type with a stiff gfn liner and rugged nylon fabric outer. The gfn liner has 2 clip points that snap onto both sides of the handle when the knife is fully placed within for a very firm hold. Furthermore, there are 2 small (unseen) slots inside the sheath that engage with both sides of the blade to reduce rattling. That said, there is very minor movement of the blade but the sheath grips it so well that I couldn't shake it free. The sheath can hang by either a sturdy belt loop or 2 velcro & snap molle straps. There's even molle webbing down the center/back in what seems to allow for a 3-point molle attachment in conjunction with the straps. It also has molle webbing down the front to attach accessories. In total, I'm very impressed at this point. It's plainly a combat/fighting knife (pass-times which i don't often pursue) so this will likely serve me as just an occasional "feeling tough around the trail and campsite" knife. Given that I found this on ebay for about $99 I'm not going to feel cheated if I have this piece of well designed tactical hardware around. Furthermore, I like this Kizlyar so much that I just ordered the Delta model in D2 steel for a more rugged and bush-ready version that I can more effectively put through its paces soon...