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Leatherman Tread Bracelet Multi-Tool, Stainlessrated 4.000 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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Leatherman Tread Bracelet Multi-Tool, Stainless


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Leatherman Tread Bracelet Multi-Tool, Stainless
rated 4 stars out of 5
Timothy K
Metairie, LA
Jan 20, 2016
Pros: Materials, Included Tools, Overall Quality, Finish
Cons: None
If you HATE not having a multitool on you, THIS is for you.
Got this as a Christmas gift from my wife as I'm a multi tool/pocket knife fanatic. I'm impressed with it. Has enough functionality that I do use it at work and enough "bling" that I don't mind showing it off. ANY other gearhead will want one if they see you with it. It does grab attention. I've taken apart computer casings, put together chairs, and have used the bottle opener too many times :) Okay, it's "man jewelry", no doubt so if you're insecure about that, probably not for you. :) But if you fly a lot, don't like not having your tools with you on plane, then this is a big plus as it is TSA approved (I've had them examine it, no blades, good to go). Only negative I've found is that it does scratch up fairly easily. Not that big a deal, a little Flitz and you're good to go. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars. I will be purchasing the watch adaptor, just as soon as Leatherman releases it.