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Reviews and Ratings for Outdoor Edge Para-Claw, Medium, Black - PCK-80C

Outdoor Edge Para-Claw, Medium, Black3.000 (2 reviews)
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Outdoor Edge Para-Claw, Medium, Black


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Outdoor Edge Para-Claw, Medium, Black
5 out of 5
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Sep 03, 2017
Pros: Usability, Stitching, Functionality, Material Quality
Cons: None
Innovative, simple, excellent product
Aside from all the obvious benefits to having a length of strong, lightweight rope with you when you go hiking, this provides the added benefit of having a knife to cut it with built in. As a paranoid-utility enthusiast and designer, I think this is a brilliant product, as it allows you the utility, without screaming "KNIFE!"... Well done again to KnifeCenter for their excellent customer service, and very speedy send-off and delivery. You guys rock!
Outdoor Edge Para-Claw, Medium, Black
1 out of 5
San Francisco Bay Area
Oct 16, 2018
Pros: None
Cons: Usability, Stitching, Functionality, Material Quality
Better Than Nothing
All that I can say about the Para-Claw is that it is "better than nothing." The bracelet that I received was poorly finished because the unsightly burnt ends of the paracord were visible and distracting. Apparently, the mfg attempted to join 3 loose ends at one point which just looked like a big blob that I just couldn't stand. I took the paracord apart in an effort to hide the burnt ends but found there were actually 6 loose ends that I had to deal with. I was able to rewind, cut and reburn the ends in without them being visibly distracting but the mfg should have been able to do that in the 1st place. I also do not like the way that the locking clasp is loosely attached to a loop of paracord. If tightened enough, it won't come loose but it just seems to be a cheap means of attachment. As for the claw itself, it is very sharp but very difficult to deploy w/o loosening the blade from the retention clip 1st. If you know you may need to use it, you could do this in advance but, when faced w/an unexpected threat, it would be difficult to release the claw quickly w/o some delay which calls into question it's usefulness as a tactical device. Like I said, it's better than nothing. It looks "cool" on my wrist but I defintely wouldn't want to rely in being able to deploy it in a real life threat situation. The folder in my pocket or a blade strapped to my ankle would be far better.