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Old Hickory Cook Knife 8 inch High Carbon Steel Blade, Hardwood Handle


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Old Hickory Cook Knife 8" High Carbon Steel Blade, Hardwood Handle
rated 5 stars out of 5
Mr. Madd
Oct 13, 2017
Pros: Material Quality, Construction, Sharpness, Design
Cons: None

Oldschool Classic French Cook Knife

It is a Cook knife and not a Chef knife, this caused me to not notice it for quite some time. The manufacturer does not try to sell their knife by advertising it to Chefs (people who went to Culinary school) but to people who will use the knife to make food, namely a Cook. I do not expect anyone to bring this knife into a professional kitchen as a workhorse knife. To me the blade came out of the box nice and sharp, this may not be the norm for everyone but I got a nice knife. With a lazy pull I sliced through paper, and that surprised me a bit as I was expecting to sharpen the knife. It is not hair shaving sharp but with the right tools the user can get it that sharp. This knife can and will rust if you do not take care of it. There are many ways to limit this (proper cleaning and oiling, and/or forcing a patina). Eventually this knife will develop a patina even with proper maintenance. Merits The Steel is 1095, a good knife steel. A straight steel with a hint of silicon, manganese, and a healthy 0.95% carbon. The spine is a bit thick (this is both a merit and a demerit, it is in the 0.1 inch area) making it a good general purpose knife. It was developed in 1924 and has remained the same since then. That was in a time when manufacturers actually cared for their products. It has a nice hardwood handle. She makes some very nice cuts. I had to readjust my cutting technique a bit for it. Full Tang that you can see. Demerits The balance is a bit off (around 0.75 up the blade from the handle), but I barely notice. A good balance would be a finger from the bolster. I didn't find the knife sooner (Chef knife VS cook knife). Does not come with a scabbard (this is the norm for most knives but buying a scabbard would increase the price by at least two fold). You have to take care of it (merit and demerit depending on your preference) For the cost this is an excellent knife, though I consider it a knife worth more than the cost. Oddly enough it the knife was more expensive I would not have bought it because I (half) bought it on a whim.
Old Hickory Cook Knife 8" High Carbon Steel Blade, Hardwood Handle
rated 5 stars out of 5
Old Blacksmith
Sep 27, 2018
Pros: Overall Quality, Design, Sharpenability, Sharpness, Material Quality, Construction
Cons: None

Better Than Expected

I use my cook (chef or french) knives to only cook with, mostly the cutting of onions and other vegetables, and the occasional piece of fish. I expected a rough handle, but when I opened the package, the handle was as smooth as Casanova. I oiled it, wiped it off, and it fits perfectly to my hand. The blade emerged from the package razor sharp, but I ran it a few times over my whetting stone and then took off the microscopic filings with my sharpening steel. Then came the paper test with a sticky-note: straight cut from top to bottom, no snagging. Ultra-razor sharp. Then I oiled the blade with food-grade oil and stored my new knife in the slots of a bagel cutter--not sure what they're called, but they're made out of wood and hold knives perfectly. In a drawer knives are wont to hit other steel and hard tools and dullen, so that's how I store my knives when not in use. Right now the blade looks shiny, but I look forward to it getting its own patina and personality the more I use it. For the price of $16, this is an outrageous steal. I'm not quite sure how the manufacturer does it, to be honest, because this is a top-grade knife suitable for any home kitchen or restaurant. I expected good, but received excellent. Don't pass this one up if you've been looking for a great yet affordable chef knife. Strangely, the knife comes on a plastic-covered piece of cardboard, like a barbecue grill lighter or something, making one think it is cheap. But that's far from the truth.
Old Hickory Cook Knife 8" High Carbon Steel Blade, Hardwood Handle
rated 5 stars out of 5
Greg M
Nov 07, 2017
Pros: Overall Quality, Design, Sharpenability, Sharpness, Construction, Material Quality, Durability
Cons: None

Wonderful chefs knife

Love old hickory knives. As good as knives costing 10 x more. Glad they brought back their chef (cook) knife.
Old Hickory Cook Knife 8" High Carbon Steel Blade, Hardwood Handle
rated 4 stars out of 5
Chris R.
Charleston, SC
Oct 13, 2017
Pros: Overall Quality, Durability, Sharpenability, Sharpness, Material Quality, None
Cons: Design, Construction

Old Hickory Cook Knife 8"

I have other Old Hickory knives, but always wanted a chef/cook knife by them, as their butcher knives don't work nearly as well for food prep in the kitchen (the handle and edge are aligned making chopping difficult without hitting your knuckles). I also wanted a carbon steel knife, as I'd been impressed with the steel in their other knives, so I jumped on this when i saw it available. It's a little smaller than I'd like (it's like a 9/10ths size compared to my other 8" chef knives), and requires some work out of the box (handles sanded and oiled and some time on the stones to thin and refine the edge), but this steel is absolutely amazing in the kitchen. Once I thinned the edge on the stones and honed it, this thing zipped through food and veggies effortlessly. I highly recommend this knife. It'll require upkeep like all carbon steels, but mine's starting to get that great patina. It's a fantastic value with a little work, and a great way to see if you want a carbon steel knife in the kitchen. I keep the blade with a light coat of oil and strop it from time to time and it's just an absolute razor in the kitchen. It's great.