Reviews and Ratings for SOG Spec-Elite I AUTO Folding Knife 3.5" Satin Plain Blade, Aluminum Handles - SE-51

SOG Spec-Elite I AUTO Folding Knife 3.5" Satin Plain Blade, Aluminum Handlesrated 5 stars out of 5 (1 review)
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SOG Spec-Elite I AUTO Folding Knife 3.5 inch Satin Plain Blade, Aluminum Handles


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SOG Spec-Elite I AUTO Folding Knife 3.5" Satin Plain Blade, Aluminum Handles
rated 5 stars out of 5
New Joisey
Nov 25, 2014
Pros: Lock Type, Handle Material, Blade Sharpness, Pocket Clip, Ease of Opening, Handle Feel, Weight, Lock Ease of Use, Blade Material
Cons: Overall Quality, None

For the price, this one is a '5'

Another is a series of 5 minute reviews by Jim, so called because they're only 5 minutes of reading for you (but obviously I put in a heck of a lot more time to create it).

Make: SOG
Model: SE-61
Price Paid: $120

First Thoughts...
Initial Impressions: Long and slim. If it wasn't for how robust this knife is I'd almost call it a "gentlemen's carry", but it's built for a lot more than trimming your cuticles.
Packaging: The box has a silk screened company logo, their URL, address, etc. Basically, it looked very professional. Nothing else protecting the knife though, like a plastic bag.
Accessories: None.
Documentation: None.
Observed Quality: Very good. This knife looked to be screwed together quite well.

Sharpness: Extremely. A few passes with a strop and I could have shaved a moose.
Speed of Deployment: Pretty quick. Press the button and the blade appears with decisive force.
Solidity of Lockup: Very. The blade deploys, hits the bumpstop and locks into place with a reassuring 'clunk'.
Blade Wobble When Deployed: Just a touch. There is some side-to-side play but it's pretty minor.

Feel: Smooth. The index finger and thumb jimping help make what would otherwise be a somewhat slick knife into something much more manageable.
Size: On the large side. Longer then my hand is wide, but it fits the blade perfectly so there's really no way to make it any smaller.
Impressions: "elegant" was the first word that came to mind when I cracked open the box. This is a long and thin handle, appearing rather slender, but there's no flex or twist to speak of. The SOG company logo and pattern etched into the aluminum make for an impressive appearance.

Clip Strength: Ideal. Stiff enough to make it snug, but not so much so that it's impossible to get in/out of your pocket.
Carry Options: Right side, tip up only. The end of the clip is actually sandwiched between the two handle sides, so there are no exposed screws. Perhaps if you disassembled it you could go left side tip up, but I never tried that.

Value: Very good. This is a really nice knife for the money.
Buy Again: Absolutely.
Overall Assessment: Can a knife with a 4" blade effectively be an EDC? Often the answer would be no because the of the resulting size, but SOG has figured out a way to make it possible. I'm not a big fan of the aggressive thumb jimping on the blade spine, or the fact that the blade moves up and down about 1/4" when closed, but those are my only real complaints. This one will be in my pocket a lot.