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SOG SwitchPlier 2.0 Multi-Tool, Black and Silver


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SOG SwitchPlier 2.0 Multi-Tool, Black and Silver
rated 4 stars out of 5
Jimmie R
Point Richmond, Ca
Jan 03, 2016
Pros: Overall Quality, Finish, None
Cons: Locking
A unique compact multi-tool
I'm a huge fan of multi-tools. My EDC (Every Day Carry) consists of a folding knife which I often use as a multi-tool. However, I only have so many beat up knives that I want to abuse. But most of the multi-tools I'd use are either too heavy or too bulky. A good Leatherman is worth it's price in gold, but when I saw the SOG SwitchPlier 2.0 I did some research and then gave it a try. Overall this is solid. It has some weight, but less than other multi-tools. SOG did a little die-cutting in the frame to lighten the load, but the real feather in the cap is the auto release button which flips out the pliers & the lever handle at lightning speed. Most multi-tools require a two-handed operation, opening the two halves to expose the fold out tools and pliers. Not so with this. However, you have to get used to holding the handle with one side open. At first, the release button was a bit hard to push, but with some practice and lubrication it all became second-nature. Still, when you hand this to someone they will look at it cross-eyed because when it's all folded up it looks like a sci-fi gadget from Star Wars. So it has some curb appeal just on looks alone. But anyone who uses a multi-tool knows the real deal is in all the components. This is where the SOG comes in at just *okay*. The switch button plier release is innovative, but the rest of the tools are standard fare. I'm not saying it's bad, just nothing special. The blade is thin, but it's sharp. I cut my thumb and didn't even feel it. The phillips head, slot head, file and other tools are descent, but you'll have to take another step to fold it into a solid handle for safety. When you deploy the fold out tools the lever handle of the pliers is still open. You can use the tools with the plier handle sticking out, but if you have to get into a smaller space, or just want a solid grip with only the tool you need, then you'll have to push the plier release switch again to fold it back into the compact form. This is where Leatherman has a slight advantage, because once you fold out the tool you want then you can fold the handle back over it to make a solid handle. Still, this is a nice addition for those who want a unique multi-tool and very quick access to a pair of pliers/wire-cutters. Two downsides: (1) The ruler stamped into the metal handle of the pliers is almost unreadable. The cm side is okay, but the side with the inches needs a lot of love. (2) The phillips head and the file do not lock well (at least on mine). Even in the locked position the phillips head still had movement. So if you get one of these check that out on yours. Maybe I just got a bad model. Nonetheless, I really like this multi-tool and I'd recommend it to someone looking for something a little unique.
SOG SwitchPlier 2.0 Multi-Tool, Black and Silver
rated 1 stars out of 5
Hachiouji, Other
Jul 26, 2017
Pros: None
Cons: Overall Quality
SOGの製品は当りり外れが多いように思われます。 全く使い物にならないものが届きました。 ワンプッシュでプライヤーが展開するはずが、酷いクリアランスなのか生産時のバリなのか設計ミスなのか全く動きません。 ばらして直そうと試みましたが、なおりませんでした。 また無理矢理展開させるとプライヤーは閉じたまま開かなくなります。 返品も考えましたが、海外発送のため手間なのでしていません。 またこの製品はプライヤーの使用頻度が高い人向けです。 不良品でなくとも一度プライヤーを展開しないと他のツールは出すことができませんので不便です。 プライヤー自体の剛性不足も否めませんのでハードな使用には耐えられないと思われます。 ただ、デザイン、カッコ良さはあるので残念です。 Google Translation: It seems that SOG products are staggering abundantly. I received something that is not usable at all. It should be developed by one push with pliers, whether it is a terrible clearance or a burr at the time of production or a design mistake or not at all. I attempted to rebuild it, but I did not hesitate. If you forcibly deploy it again, the pliers will not close and will not open. I thought about returning, but I am not doing it because it is troublesome for overseas shipment. This product is also for people who frequently use pliers. Even if it is not a defective product, it is inconvenient because other tools can not be issued once the pliers are deployed. We can not tolerate hard use because we can not deny the lack of rigidity of the pliers themselves. However, it is regrettable because there is design and coolness goodness.