Reviews and Ratings for Tuff-Writer Precision Press Tactical Pen, Aged Brass (TWP-PPP-BRS-AGE)

Tuff-Writer Precision Press Tactical Pen, Aged Brass (TWP-PPP-BRS-AGE)rated 5.0 stars out of 5 (1.0 review)
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Tuff-Writer Precision Press Tactical Pen, Aged Brass (TWP-PPP-BRS-AGE)


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Tuff-Writer Precision Press Tactical Pen, Aged Brass (TWP-PPP-BRS-AGE)
rated 5 stars out of 5
Little Rock AR USA
May 21, 2017
Pros: Durability, Refill Quality, Materials, Overall Quality
Cons: None

Really nice pen

If you are looking for a convient, handy pen that is sturdy enough to be used to dissuade an aggressors course of action, yet is still a fully functional pen in every way, this may be the pen for you. Please be aware this is s pen, not a primary weapon. So let's take a closer look at it. First thing you will notice about it when you pick it up is that it is heavy. At 3.8 oz be prepared to spend a week or so fine tuneing your penmanship. On the plus side you will probably end up with better penmanship than you started with. The good part of all that weight is that if asked to do so, it is capable of carrying an awful lot of inertia for a pen. The down side is that it will weigh very heavy in a shirt pocket, honestly too heavy. The alternative is to carry it in a pant pocket, however at 6 inches long it doesn't really work unless you are larger than I am. ( 32x32). Plus the pant pocket has the unfortunate side effect of having that ever so fashionable 'mall ninja' look. In all honesty the aluminum or titanium models would probable work better for folks who prefer a less obtrusive pen that can be carried in to more environments with a lower profile. This is a side effect of the lighter weight, the heavier brass will 'hang' in just about any pocket except for a pant pocket and as mentioned earlier, the pant pocket conveys it's own messages. Also if genuine 'concealed overt carry' is important, the mini click may be a better choice, I that the form factor is more familiar and as such is easier to over look. Also the mini click will ride lower in a shirt pocket. Moving on, lets look at construction. This thing really is well made! The machining really is very clean, if you work at it you can find tool marks, but you do have to work. The shape fits your hand very nicely. When looking at the design, you may be tempted to think that the o rings are silly. However the 3 lower ones, actually add to the use ability of this pen. Now the 3 upper o rings, I have not found them to be particularly useful. The may help hold the pen in a pocket, but I can not confirm this. The clicker, so far works great. Occasionally it will bind a little, but I am not bothered by that. So long as it will hold up to a lot of compression stress, I am happy. So far it has held up, so all is good there. While it does not click per se, the tactile sensation is not 'weird' or alien. The clip while large does not get in the way, and it will hold your pen in your pocket. I think that covers most of the questions I had before I bought mine. Now for the stuff I did not expect. I bought the brass version because I like the appearance of aged brass. Plus when brass get dinged up, it still looks 'cool'. However if you are looking at the brass version, be aware that brass is constantly building and shedding it's patina if it is constantly used. Since it is a pen, it is constantly used, which means that the patina will 'evolve' over time. By the way the patina does not feel like a polished metal, it has a sort of 'tooth' feel that does not slide across the hand. It is a neat feel, but again not like a polished metal. The refills have been reviews to death, so I am going to skip that aspect of the pen. All things considered, the precision press is a great pen that I do not regret purchasing, but I would urge one to carefully consider which one to buy based one which size and material best suits your needs.