Benchmade Automatic Knives

Benchmade produces a wide variety of autos which are the "weapon of choice" for much of our military. We try to keep most of them in stock. They are all reliable and well made.

Microtech Automatic Knives

Microtech products are well known to be the very finest production knives available. Their automatics are no exception with such innovative and creative designs.

Kershaw Automatic Knives

Got an automatic attraction? Then Kershaw's Launch autos are for you!

Gerber Automatic Knives

These Gerber models are super-fast and super strong with some incredible designs by great knife makers.

Marfione Custom Automatic Knives

Made up mostly of OTF openers, Marfione autos are made with extreme care and don't leave the shop until they are perfect.

Columbia River Converted Automatic Knives

Creative conversions on creative designs! These are some of the cleverest knives we offer.

Heretic Automatic Knives

Faster than lighting itself with a great fit and finish make Heretic autos a must have.

Buck Automatic Knives

Buck's quality and attention to detail is on full display in their selection of automatic knives.

Bear Ops Automatic Knives

From the Bear OPS division at Bear & Son Cutlery comes some high quality automatic knives made with premium steels.

Pro-Tech Automatic Knives

Pro-Tech make high quality American knives with great designs and functionality.

SOG Automatic Knives

SOG automatic knives have great quality. Made to be very fast but well balanced at the same time.

Spyderco Automatic Knives

Sturdy and fast models designed for military operations.