Automatic and Switch Blade Knives

We have a great variety of automatic opening knives here at the Knife Center with the fastest opening action money can buy.

Boot Knife Specials

Boot knives are easy to carry and deploy backup tactical knives, your last line of defense. But that doesn't mean that they have to be low quality, which is why we stock the best.

Combat Fixed Blade Knives on Sale

From high tech to old stand-bys, we have dozens of the finest tactical combat fixed blade knives available. These are tools you can count on with your life.

Combat Folding Knives On Sale

Tactical functionality with the convenience of pocket carry makes a folding knife the most likely tool you'll have with you in a tactical engagement.

Custom and Mid-Tech Knife Specials

Limited and handmade knives from some of the worlds best makers, designed to get the job done and look good while doing it.

Fixed Blade Dagger Specials

Double edged fixed blades, mostly full-size. These knives are made for combat, with the dual edges providing improved stabbing and thrusting capabilities.

Karambit Knives on Sale

Fixed and folding knives with curved blades used for close quarter combat. Karambits have evolved into one of the ultimate self-defense weapons for their sure grip and devastating cutting power.

Neck Knife Specials

Neck knives are easily concealed beneath a shirt or a jacket, and are easily accessible for emergency tactical situations. They are also great utility knives in a pinch.

Tomahawk and Axe Specials

Made famous by their use in the Vietnam War, combat tomahawks give you the edge in close quarters engagements, having more reach than most knives.

CRKT Combat Knife Specials

CRKT always provides amazing value for your dollar, but here are some even more incredible deals on combat folders and fixed blades.

Microtech Knives On Sale

Microtech Knives combine precise engineering with innovative designs and are widely considered the benchmark Automatics on the market.

On Sale ZT Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance, Kershaw's USA-made premier tactical knife line, rarely go on sale but when they do, every one is worth your consideration.