All Combat Fixed Blades

From high tech to old stand-bys, we have dozens of the finest tactical combat knives available.

Automatic Knives / Switch Blades

We have a great variety of automatic opening knives here at the Knife Center. These knives ensure that you are faster than the other guy.


Fixed and folding knives with curved blades used for close quarter combat. Karambits have evolved into one of the ultimate self-defense weapons.

Combat Tomahawks

Made famous by their use in the Vietnam war. Combat tomahawks give you the edge in close quarters combat, having more reach than most knives.

Boot Knives

Easy to carry and deploy tactical knives. Boot knives are backup knives, your last line of defense. But that doesn't mean that they have to be low quality, which is why we stock the best.

Neck Knives

Easy to carry and deploy tactical knives. Neck knives are easily concealed beneath a shirt or a jacket, and are easily accessible for emergency tactical situations.

Fixed Blade Daggers

Double edged fixed blades, mostly full size. These knives are made for combat, with the dual edges providing improved stabbing and thrusting capabilities.

US Military Bayonets

American made tactical combat knives. Bayonets are meant to be affixed to a gun, to turn a long distance weapon into a close quarters combat weapon. But these also work great on their own, as heavy duty tactical knives.

Benchmade Adamas Folders

Built tough and simple for performance. This is a great series of folding combat knives built in the USA. These were designed by Shane Sibert to honor the courage and commitment exhibited by our fighting heroes.

Benchmade Nimravus Fixed Blades

Elishewitz designed high tech all around utility knives that feel totally natural in your hand. The steel is either super hard 154CM stainless or harder yet M-2 Tool steel. Handles are G-10.

Benchmade Osborne Folders

A series featuring the AXIS lock system and a great 3-D beveled handle. This is a futuristic style and great quality knife.

Boker Applegate-Fairbairn Combat Fixed Blades

The classic World War II Fighting knife designed by Col. Rex Applegate. We have many varieties of this piece including boot knife versions and damascus blade models.

Boker Combat Fixed Blades

German designed fighting knives recreated from past wars.

Chris Reeve Combat Fixed Blades

Award winning. The quality of construction and designs are second to none- these are the best available!

Cold Steel Recon Folders

With blades made of a good steel and a heavy duty lock-up system, the RECON knife series from Cold Steel are great combat knives.

Columbia River Combat Fixed Blades

Columbia River offers an amazing assortment of combat fixed blades. The designs are from the best knife makers in the world and the quality and value are amazing.

Columbia River M16 Folders

Kit Carson is the designer of the M16 Series of combat knives. He designs for function, not fad. Heft any M16 and you'll know what that means.

Emerson CQC7 Combat Folders

Perhaps the original, modern combat knife, the CQC7 still rules. It popularized the G-10 handles, liner locks and premium steels. Available in several sizes and configurations.

Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn Folders

Designed by the Legendary Colonel Rex Applegate, a man who knew as much as anybody about close quarters combat, these folding knives embody his vision of a folding combat knife.

Gerber LMF Combat Fixed Blades

A brilliant incarnation of the Light Military Fixed blade knife. This time it is available with or without the special ASEK strap cutter.

Gerber Mark II Combat Fixed Blade

Re-introduction of a classic. This 40 year-old jewel features a black oxide coated 420 HC double serrated blade and die case aluminum handle. One of the greatest tactical combat knives ever made.

KA-BAR Becker Fixed Blades

Fixed blades with a great utilitarian style. Models include large camp knives as well as neck knives.

KA-BAR USMC Fixed Blades

KA-BAR has produced this Marine Combat knife for decades along with US Army and other versions. We offer them all including "KA-BAR Fighting Blade" Combat Knife, or list all KA-BAR combat knives

Kershaw Blur Folders

Strong and fast opening, these are among the best, heavy duty folders we offer.

Maxpedition Fixed Blades

At Maxpedition, they believe that the best knife is the knife you have on you. Maxpedition founder Tim Tang draws on his passion for tactical knives and a decade of collaborations with the industry's top custom knife makers to debut this design.

Ontario Spec Plus Items

These are good quality carbon steel combat knives made in the USA. The Spec Plus line of combat knives was developed specifically for the US armed forces.

Smith & Wesson M&P Assisted Opening Folders

We offer this Military/Police series of wickedly fast and great looking assisted opening pocket knives. The Border Guards are especialy great deals.

SOG Aegis Assisted Opening Folders

SOG has built a great assisted opening combat knife in this series. It is available in different blade styles and handle finishes.

SOG SEAL Combat Fixed Blades

The knife that won the SEAL Knife evaluation. We also have their Daggerts, Trident, Government Tactical and Bowies. Aura SEAL, Agency.

Spyderco Manix Folders

Built like a truck, this American made series is worth having when you need it! Spyderco crafts these in Colorado with the finest materials possible.

Spyderco Military and ParaMilitary Folders

The handle is G10 laminate with no liners - except the locking side. This is a great all purpose full size folding knife as well as a combat knife.

TOPS Knives

TOPS Knives are tools designed, and built, using the extensive knowledge and real life experiences of 12 operators with backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, outdoor professions, and the martial arts.

Zero Tolerance Knives

Built like a tank and American made. These are some of the toughest folders we offer. Ken Onion and Strider are some of the designers.