Bowie Style Fixed Blades

An American classic design, we have dozens of bowie shaped fixed blade knives to choose from.

Hunting Knives

We have over 150 different hunting knives to choose from. You can also list all our "Skinners". See our Hunting Knife and Gear page for more items.

Survival Knives

Many fixed blade knives here at the KnifeCenter are considered "survival knives." Here is a list of some of them. You can see a larger listing of survival gear HERE

Bushcraft Knives

A popular style of fixed blade knives that are suited for back country survival and associated tasks.

Combat Knives

These knives were made with our troops overseas in mind. From folding knives, to boot knives, to neck knives, these were made to be used in combat.

Gut Hook Hunting Knives

Making the process easier, the gut-hook knife is an effective tool. If you prefer folding knives, check out our list of Gut Hook Folders.

Neck Knives

Hundreds of neck knives are available from the various manufacturers. From inexpensive to top-of-the-line, we have a great selection.

Throwing Knives

The Knife Center has an amazing selection of great throwing knives. These are a lot of fun and generally not expensive.

Fixed Blade Daggers

Combat and decorative daggers for fighting, utility and collecting.

Boot Knives

From small daggers to high tech tanto blades, we have a great selection of boot knives.

Dive Knives

We offer a variety of dive knife models from major manufacturers. Included are the Spyderco SALT Non-Rusting Knives.

Push Knives and Daggers

Designed for self defense, the push dagger has become a favorite all-around knife. Many carry them as a neck knife or in a boot for easy access.

Fixed Blade Karambit Knives

Modern recreations of an ancient peasant's tool which is now widely used as a combat/defense weapon. You can also see all our Karambits, fixed and folding

Training Practice Knives

Very useful is all combat and self defense training exercises, we offer a great variety of these practice knives.

Fillet Knives

Fillet (or filet) knives come in handy for most fishermen. Specially configured blades and handles make them effective tools. We have dozens of fillet knife models available.

Rescue Hooks

Rescue hook are carried and used by first responders around the world. We offer dozens of models and carry options.


Machetes are a type of fixed blade and we have the best selection on the web with almost 200 models made around the world.

Tanto Fixed Blades

Tanto style blades are super strong and work well for combat as well as general purposes.