ASP Palm Defender Safety System

Wear this anytime you're outside at night for an added sense of protection and the security that peace of mind brings you. Includes everything you need except a weapon.

Boker of Germany Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

This is a perfect quality gift item for a gentleman. Don't forget to get a soap as well.

Claude Dozorme Serrated Pizza Knife

Everyone has a pizza wheel but pull out a pizza knife next time you need to divide up the pie and you'll take everyone by surprise. The serrations help slice through tough crust.

Cold Steel Throwing Knives

Not all throwing knives are created equal. Cold Steel manufactures some of the best and have a ton of variety in their designs. We find them to fly better for us than all the rest.

Deluxe VirtualBlade Sharkee Training Knives

The Sharkee is the best knife training aid we've come across with a felt lined edge and bar of chalk to show where contact is made without causing any pain.

Henckels Classic 4" Paring Knife

A nice paring knife for all the small cutting tasks that may actually make you want to do food prep.

KAI Luna Kitchen Knives

For the money, KAI, a division of Shun and Kershaw Knives, are some if not the best in the business for covering all your cooking basics with excellent, quality designs.

KAI Luna Series 8.5" Bread Knife

Not only limited to cutting bread, the KAI Luna model is also adept at carving roasts thanks to its wavy serrated edge.

Kent Pocket Comb

Kent men's pocket combs are toip quality and easy to carry. Made in England, they will last a lifetime.

Kershaw Jewelry Collection Composite Leek

This Kershaw Leek has a composite blade, Black Jet and Mother of Pearl giving it a more upscale, gentleman's appearance.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics Mandoline Slicer

Kyocera Mandoline slicers makes quick, easy work of food prep while the advanced ceramic blades will stay sharp 10 times longer than steel.

LED Lenser NEO H4 Headlamp

Flashlights are great to have but a headlamp is even better. It allows you to have both hands free and is always pointed exactly where you're looking.

LighterBro Lighter Multi-Tool Sleeve

Anyone who carries a lighter daily has thought to themselves, I wish this did more. Now, thanks to LighterBro, it does!

Mcusta VG10 Damascus Katana Folding Knife

Mcusta brings typical Japanese styling, materials, and fit/finish to all their products and you cannot help but love the look of the Katana.

Mundial Elegance 2 Piece Carving Set

Does a great job on the Thanksgiving turkey without eating into the Christmas shopping budget.

Nite Ize Curvyman Cord Supervisor

Few things are more annoying than tangled cords. Solve that issue for good with a Curvyman from Nite Ize.

Nite Ize Gear Tie Tube Assortment

There are endless way to use the Nite Ize Gear Ties, we use ours to cinch all the computer cords.

Olight H1 NOVA Headlamp/Flashlight

The H1 NOVA puts out an astonishing 500 lumens from a hands-free design that runs off a single CR123A battery.

Olight Limited Edition S1R II

The Olight S series is small and super powerful- Up to 1000 Lumens!

Percy Nobleman Gentleman's Wax

Percy Nobleman has a wax for any kind of beard, mustache or hair style and we especially love the Styling Wax.

Pure Komachi 2 Purple Serrated Sandwich Knife

Very inexpensive but not cheaply made. This knife will cut the slice of bread, spread the mayo and then cut it in half.

Quality and Affordabe Survival Kits

Some great choices that won't break the bank but could save a life.

Rick Hinderer Knives XM-18 Flipper

A staple in the tactical folder market, the XM-18 is Rick's bread and butter knife that gets just about every design aspect right.

Sentry Solutions Armorer's Kit Deluxe - Gun Cleaner

The Deluxe Armorer's Kit contains everything you need to keep all of your knives and guns in pristine working condition.

Spyderco Kitchen Knives

Spyderco's involvement in kitchen knives dates back to the early 1980's and now, back by popular demand, these things slice like nobody's business.

Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker Complete Set

The Sharpmaker put Spyderco on the map and it continues to be one of our best sellers for its effectiveness and ease of use.

Spyderco Value Series Folders

Including the Ambitious, Persistence, Tenacious, and Resilience, Spyderco's Value Series are the only China made knives to have the Spyder logo.

Svord Kiwi IKI Fish Spike

IKIs are used to puncture a fish's brain. This euthanizes the fish and is the most humane way to do so. Can you taste the difference?

Victorinox Forschner Steak Knife

Victorinox Forschner knives provide an excellent value and are even the choice for many professional chefs.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Deluxe Poultry Shears

Poultry shears are great for deboning meats and cutting through chicken and turkey breast bones with ease.