Automatic Knives

We offer automatic knives to members of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement or Government personnel . Please check permissibility within your state or locality.

Combat Knives

We carry a huge variety of combat blades. From automatic openers to tomahawks, we've got the tool to fit the situation. Automatics are only available to law enforcement and active duty military

Security Batons

Batons are an important tool for law enforcement professionals and personal self-defense alike. We carry a variety of batons from many different manufacturers including ASP and Monadnock.

Combat Multi-Tools

Multi-tools are an indispensible tool on the battlefield for their stout, durable designs and array of duty specific useful tools.

Tactical Flashlights

Useful in combat situations, these flashlights are also perfect for security applications. See also our ultra violet flashlights, and the powerful lithium batteries which many of our flashlights require.

Tactical Pens

They write very smoothly and can also be used as a self-defense tool

Combat, Police and Shooting Gloves

We offer a variety of top quality law enforcement and sporting products including safety gloves. All are made with high quality materials and workmanship

Entry Tools

A great selection of breaking tools needed by police and military.

First Aid

We offer a variety of first aid products. From large house emergency kits and car kits to compact individual sizes, we have the kit for the occasion.


We carry a variety of top quality handcuffs and handcuff holsters, including ASP, Peerless and Smith & Wesson.

Hoods, Veils, and Shemaghs

Protect your eyes, nose, mouth and neck from sand and the sun with a shemagh or a veil to conceal your face or weapon form being seen.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Save your knees and elbows from any unnecessary harm with quality soft and hard pads from ALTA, BLACKHAWK!, and Hatch.


Clean and protect your knives and tools with top-of-the-line lubricants and oils.

Morale Patches

Morale patches are a great way to accessorize your gear or show your patriotism and also come in handy with blood type and known allergen patches.

Paracord Items and Spools

Huge selection of nylon parachute cord spools, survival bracelets,and other paracord items. Ideal for tactical ops, camping, etc.

Pepper Spray

For everyone concerned with personal safety and security; you can now protect yourself with safe, humane, and effective self defense devices.

Pistol and Magazine Holsters

From tactical holsters and gear to reenactment and replica models, we have something for everyone.

Rescue Tools and Knives

We offer both folding knives and fixed blades, as well as a variety of rescue tools. We also carry the Life Hammer brand rescue tools.

Security Whistles

Almost everyone, from small children to seniors, can benefit from a security whistle.

Tactical Backpacks and Storage Packs

We offer a great listing of nylon combat gear. Includes many backpacks, to carry all of your gear, and hydration packs to carry your water.

Tactical Eyeware

Sunglasses for all of your tactical missions, that also have your safety in mind!