Straight Razors

Only a few factories produce high quality straight razors (cutthroat razors) and we have the finest. We offer German models from DOVO, Klaas and Boker as well as French razors from Thiers-Issard. Also, Handles and Pins.

Razor Strops

We offer some very fine quality strops from Germany including some paddle strops. We have American razor strops as well as some inexpensive models. Also, see our Strop Paste

Complete Shaving Sets

Perfect gift ideas or an option for anyone new to wet shaving, these kits range from top German quality to inexpensive shave mug and soap combos.

Double Edge Safety Razors and Replacement Blades

No longer available from the American companies, we offer a wide selection from England, Germany and Asia.

Shave Brushes

We have a good selection of shaving brushes ranging from the economical boar brushes to pure badger hair shave brushes and all are very reasonably priced.

Shaving Stands

We offer several models including wooden shave stands as well as metal.

Shaving Mugs

We have a great selection of mugs for every taste and decor including a hand thrown American model.

Shaving Soaps

High quality, quick lathering soaps. These are far superior to any lather from a can! We offer USA made as well as German, English and French.

After Shave Lotions and Facial Splashes

Some great after shaves including great fragrances from Taylor of Old Bond Street.

Manicure Sets

Manicure sets feature all the things you'll need in your toiletries bag besides tooth brush and razor.

Sharpening stones

To keep your straight razor "shaving" sharp. We have the stone pictured above as well as: Black or Translucent ultra fine Arkansas Stones, Ceramic bench stones and Japanese Water Stones

Moustache Supplies

Moustache Wax, Moustache Kit, and General Moustache Supplies.

Hair Scissors

We offer a variety of premium scissors including Moustache Scissors, Barber Scissors, Manicure Scissors, Nose Hair Scissors

Leather Razor Pouches

High quality leather pouches for your straight and safety razors.

Razor Boxes

An elegant selection of French and German wood razor storage boxes made of the highest grade materials. Some are hand made.

Beard and Shave Oils

Aromatic and healing, these oils are meant for the modern, bearded gentleman.