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Tactical Pens

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Tactical pens have become a "must have" item for many of us. They offer the added security of having a last-ditch weapon. The Knifecenter offers a great assortment from top brands including Benchmade, Boker, Tuff-Writer, Surefire and more.

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Custom Pens

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Not your ordinary writing instrument. These hand-made pens are crafted by some of the most well respected names in the industry. Beautiful designs in limited quantities.

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Fisher Space Pens

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Famously used by NASA astronauts, the Fisher Space Pen is also popular with survivalists and campers for its ability to write under almost any circumstances.

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Spyderco BaliYo Pens

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Yes, you can hone those butterfly knife skills at the office, and safely. All you need is the BaliYo from Spyderco.

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Benchmade Pens

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Benchmade pens combine style and functionality. Included are the amazing Damasteel series with amazing form and function.

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Columbia River Pens

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Columbia River Pens provide clean, futuristic interpretations of one of mankind's most basic tools, designed by top self defense experts.

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Schrade and Smith & Wesson

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High-quality tactical pens from Schrade and Smith and Wesson are built with outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, law enforcement and fire professionals in mind.

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Cold Steel Pocket Shark Marker

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The Cold Steel Pocket Shark Marker is a permanent marker with a reinforced, indestructible body, for use as a self defense tool in emergencies.

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Ink Refill Cartridges

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With quality pens like these, you shouldn't throw them away once the ink runs out. We also have ink colors the pens don't come with! Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Turquoise, or Purple.

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Pen Accessories

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We offer replacement pocket clips for Fisher pens and Swiss Army pen refills.

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