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When you hold a Spyderco in your hand you know you are holding quality. It is backed by more than 25 years of research and development to find the right steels and handle materials. It has been ergonomically designed to open easily and fit comfortably in the hand while cutting. And it will hang out in your pocket until you need it.
All Spyderco folding models feature the thumb hole pull for easy, one handed opening. Most have a pocket/belt clip for convenient carrying.

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Spyderco Stretch Lockback
Full, flat ground VG10 blade in a stainless handle with kraton inserts.

Spyderco Yojimbo Folder
Unique style sheepsfoot blade with Compression lock

Spyderco Vagabond Fixed Blade
Clever design with a hinged cover for the blade.

Spyderco's version of a classic folder with steel handles and spring latch

Spyderco Wayne Goddard Folder
Re-introduced after several years with VG10 steel and gray handles

Spyderco ATR Folder
Tactical folder with compression lock on stainless or titanium handle

Spyderco SPUR Folder
Another re-introduction with VG10 steel for the blade, this small folder has a gray rubber insert

Spyderco Centofante III Folder
From the explosively creative mind of Frank Centofante, the Versuvius is brought back with VG10 steel blade and a lockback mechanism.

Spyderco Para Military Folder
The Para-Military is a two-thirds sized version of the Military model.

Spyderco Karambit Folder
The Karambit's claw-shaped curved blade originated centuries ago in Indonesia

The handle is G-10 laminate (a high tech material which is very light and very strong) with no liners -except the locking side.

Schempp Persian Folder

East meets West in this collaboration with Custom Knifemaker Ed Schempp

SALT Folding Marine Knives
Specially formulated H1 stainless steel is more corrosion resistant than other stainless steels. Available in plain edge and Spyder-Edge.

The Cricket is one of the most innovative of Spyderco's models. It is very flat and small enough to be carried comfortably and even to be used as a money clip! These may be available in a variety of handle materials


Spyderco's workhorse all purpose large utility knife series. Enduras are available with a variety of handle materials and blade configurations. The blade steel is stainless. The blade steel is stainless

We also have a Training Knife Version

Spyderco's workhorse all purpose medium utility knife series. These are available with a variety of handle materials and blade configurations. The blade steel is stainless.

We also have a Training Knife Version

 Police Model provides exceptional strength in a slim and comfortable carry. This model has as much blade as could possibly fit into the handle.

Spyderco D'Allara Rescue
 A heavy duty rescue model, featuring Spyderco's Ball-bearing Lock System. List all Spyderco Rescue Knives HERE

Spyderco Knives Scorpius

An ergonomic lockback folder in the Spyderco tradition with full serrations or plain edge

Progrip and Pro-Venator
The handle is a great design and both of these models have proven to be standards in the American knife industry.


An innovative design in a small folder that can do major work. The locking mechanism is simple and effective.

Available with a stainless steel handle or lightweight fiberglass-reinforced nylon resin, this model is an ideal mid-sized folder.


An affable two-inch long (59mm) VG-10 stainless blade bears an almost comical 'bump' just forward of the opening hole. We may have more than one handle style available.

Designed by an African Impala skinner, these are a great design available with guthook or without

L'il Temperance

The G-10 handle makes it very ergonomically comfortable in your hand. Blade is flat ground and the specially designed metal clip with Indexing/control holes provides a tip up or tip down carry.

SALSA Small Folders

Innovative small folders with the "Compression Lock" system for locking and the Cobra Hood to help in opening.
Spyderco Knives Discounted from the Knife Center
The LadyBug key ring knife incorporates all the benefits of its larger counterparts without the clip. It boasts tremendous cutting power, with a combination edge that handles both fine and heavy tasks
Spyderco Knives Discounted from the Knife Center
This fighting knife has many unique features. The blade shape allows for fast opening and can also be used as a weapon when closed. The blade steel is stainless

The cut-out portion of the handle gives a great grip and makes this a very light but sturdy knife.

Clip-It Rescue
Stainless Steel or Zytel® Handle, serrated sheepsfoot blade. The blade is now slightly wider from edge to spine and made of ATS-55 and it has the new reversible clip (L/R) secured through the Lanyard hole.


A great new key-ring type knife from Spyderco. Carry it on your keychain, in your purse or pocket. It will take care of those pesky little every day cuts.

Meercat Model

With the "Phantom Lock" design, allows easy one hand opening as well as releasing for closure. This is a great economical folder with a very strong lock.

Civilian and Matriarch

An aggressive blade style which has been very popular with its aluminum handles is now available with G-10 Scales or Zytel®.

SpyderHawk, Harpy and Merlin
Hook blade lockback knives with different handle materials to choose from.


Many countries of the world do not legally allow the carry of a folding knife with a blade that locks open. Prompted by this restriction Spyderco offers the Pride, the first one hand open non-locking folder. We offer them with several countries' flags

Mother of Pearl Handles

We usually have some models with exotic material on the handle. Brian Yellowhorse creates some models with Turquoise handles
Spyderco Knives Discounted from the Knife Center

Designed by Keating, the Chinook is a great and solid design. G-10 handles and very thick CPM 440V stainless blade make this a substantial working knife.

Large Fisherman's lockback, Stainless Blades with Zytel® handle and clothing clip.
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A new tool that combines Spyderco's best features: one-hand open, premium blade steel, serrations and a pocket clip with a toothy 5-inch saw blade.


Great models with designers like Bill Moran and Bob Lum!
The RONIN Pictured Above
Is Their newest Model


One handed chopping knife developed for special uses. This product can help many people perform simple operations easily.

Bill Moran Featherweight

The blade features VG-10 fine-grain high-carbon stainless steel, a razor-sharp "Moran Edge", and an elegant finish. It is available in two blade styles

Bob Lum Fixed Blade

This great fixed blade features the "Hamaguri" or Appleseed grind at the tip for added strength and the swedge on the spine lessens the overall weight.

Spyderco Temperance

Designed in-house by Sal Glesser, this is a hefty all around knife. It is at home hunting, camping or even in the kitchen.


S.P.O.T. is an acronym for Self Protection Option Tool and is Spyderco's inaugural offering to the neck knife market.
Inspired by French knife maker Fred Perrin, this is a beauty and is available with plain or serrated blade.

Fred Perrin Utility Knife

Fred Perrin, former French Army Commando and world-class martial artist, has designed a utilitarian and uncomplicated knife.

Spyderco Kitchen Knives

Some of our favorite kitchen knives that we offer. These models are the ones that you will reach for first in your kitchen
Spyderco Older Models - These May Become Hard To Get And They May Be On Special!

Peter Herbst Design
Newly re-introduced, these are now made in Japan. Spyderco's first German collaboration. Peter Herbst integrates high tech components with Old World craftsmanship.
Spyderco Fixed Blade Knives

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Bob Lum Tanto Folders
We have a variety of Spyderco folders designed by Bob Lum.
List All Spyderco Folders with Handles Made Of:
Carbon Fiber
Spyderco Sharpening Products

Spyderco Kitchen Knives

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