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By Dexter Ewing, Knife Collector and Enthusiast


 The trend of collaboration projects between custom knifemakers
and production companies have proved to be tremendous successes for both parties involved. The SP 15 from the folks at Spyderco was one of the first of many Spydercos designed by world renown knifemakers. The Santa Fe, NM based Robert Terzuola is known for his outstanding single blade tility and combat Locking Liner folders, handled either in G10 or titanium. For the SP 15, Terzuola said that "it's really compact and has a remendous amount of cutting power" (BLADE Magazine 3/96 p.16-19). As ith most knives in the Spyderco line, this one was engineered for serious utility use. Not only was this the first custom designed Spyderco, but the first Spyderco to be made in the USA, and the first Spyderco to incorporate a Locking Liner., instead of the usual rocker bar lock.

What makes this knife excel at general utility tasks is its drop point, ATS-34 blade. The spine of the blade retains its thickness for approximately the entire blade length. This in turn strengthens the
blade, especially making the tip less prone to breakage. As with all
Spydercos, the blade hole makes opening a breeze. Terzuola added some serrations to the spine at the "base" of the hump to provide your thumb with traction when applying pressure to the blade. The relatively flat cutting edge does well in most cutting situations, and the partial
serrations add extra cutting power. Spyderco added a nice detailing
touch to the blade by laser engraving the Spyderco logo on one side of
the blade, and Terzuola's dragon head logo on the other.
Not only do I enjoy the power harnessed within this knife, but
it's a blast to carry. The current crop of SP 15's now come with G10
scales, instead of the original T6-6061 aluminum scales. The G10 makes the SP 15 feather light, and at the same time poses some potential strength problems. I noticed that the scales are fairly thin, and the scale opposite the liner can be flexed very slightly under firm hand pressure. In my opinion, Spyderco should make the scales thicker, or use a double liner construction (similar to Benchmade's AFCK). The spring type pocket clip can be mounted to either carry the knife tip up or tip down, whichever the user may prefer. As with all liner locks, the ball bearing detent keeps the blade from opening in your pocket. This system on the SP 15 works great. Depending on how tight the pivot is set, you may need to use a bit more force than usual to get the blade open. Rest assured,this knife will NEVER open when you don't want it to! As many of you know, the inside of a folding knife can be tricky to clean out all the lint and debris that can hamper smooth action. With that in mind, the SP 15 employs a hex screw construction, enabling the user to fully disassemble the knife for thorough cleaning and lubrication.

In conclusion, the SP 15 makes an ideal all around utility knife.
As with the rest of Robert Terzuola's handmade line, this knife is built
to withstand the punishment of heavy use and lightweight carry. For
those preferring smaller knives, the SP 19 offers the same great features found on the SP 15, but on a more compact size. Throughout the past few years, the Spyderco Robert Terzuola design has been a mainstay in the company's famous designer series lines, as well as a top choice for those searching for a superbly constructed utility folder.

Dexter Ewing
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Dexter Ewing

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