Spyderco sharpening tools are made of "High Alumina Ceramic", a U.S.A. made material with the ability to cut any metal known to man. It is formed when alumina particles (synthetic sapphires) are mixed with a ceramic bonding agent. The mixture is shaped and kiln-fired at temperatures in excess of 3000 degrees F for up to three days.

Spyderco ceramics come in three grits - medium, fine and ultra-fine - none of which require lubricants such as oil or water for use. Each grit serves a different purpose in the sharpening process. The medium grit stone produces a good working edge by efficiently removing steel and reshaping the bevel of a dull cutting tool. The fine grit stone then tightens the scratch pattern, creating a razor-sharp edge. A polished and professionally finished edge is achieved with the ultra-fine grit stone. All of their stones are dishwasher and autoclave safe. In addition, steel particles can be removed from any of the stones using a powdered abrasive cleanser and a nylon scouring pad.

The fine and ultra-fine grit stones are "closed-celled" (the particles that make them up are very dense) and will show little or no wear over time. The medium grit stones are "open-celled" (particles are less dense) and will wear only slightly over time. Although ceramics are hard materials - measuring up to 9.22 in hardness on the Mohs Scale - they may still be chipped or broken if not handled with care. Please note that Spyderco ceramics are guaranteed against manufacturing defects only.

Ceramic Bench Stone

High Alumina Ceramic Whetstone will create a razor honed edge without the use of messy lubricants. These super hard abrasives will cut even the hardest steels with little or no wear. Quite often these are not available, so please call or email for present stock.

SP302F Fine Grit 2" x 8" x 1/2" ORDER AND INFORMATION

SP302M Medium Grit 2" x 8" x 1/2" ORDER AND INFORMATION

SP302UF Ultra Fine Grit 2" x 8" x 1/2" ORDER AND INFORMATION

Sharpmaker Rod System


A sharp knife makes cutting easier and safer. For twenty years the original Tri-Angle Sharpmaker has set sharpening standards in the cutlery industry. Now a new "angle" on this tried and true sharpener makes its debut in the 204 Tri-Angle Sharpmaker. A new base design and an additional preset angle are combined with the classic version’s renowned triangular shaped stones. The stones slide into precisely keyed holes and slots that are molded into a high-strength polymer base. There is a 40º angle which produces a razor sharp edge on all cutlery and a new 30º angle has been added for back beveling and for sharpening thinner edges typical of high quality kitchen knives. Back beveling is ideal for thinning out thicker blade edges. There is also a 12 *º preset angle for sharpening scissors. Flip the base over and two stones fit (flat side up) into the bottom, creating a bench stone for sharpening larger tools. The triangular stones clean easily with powdered abrasive cleanser and a nylon scouring pad. Also included are two brass rods to protect the user’s hand while sharpening. The base of the new model has a wider bottom, affording stability while sharpening. The brass rods and stones have pre-fitted spots inside the polymer base for storage. Snap the lid across the top and the entire Sharpmaker becomes a snug, self contained unit weighing 16.25 oz (460 g) that’s ready to travel. An instruction book and video show you how to use the 204 to sharpen knives, household, industrial and sporting tools.


SP 303MF Spyderco "Double Stuff" Pocket Stone

This handy pocket stone measures 5" x 1" x 1/4". Fine grit on one side and medium grit on the other (not separate as pictured). Comes in leather storage case


 SP-701MF "Professional File Set" Medium & Fine Files w/center groove measures 8"long x 3/4" wide x 1/4" thick w/ leather storage case



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