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If you leave home without it, you’ll wish you hadn’t. The Spyderco SpyderCard (model SC01) brings to the market a full sized folding knife with similar dimensions to a credit card. Tucked in a wallet or purse, the slim SpyderCard carries just like another piece of plastic money, adding no bulk or noticeable weight. Designed by the late Israeli custom knifemaker Eduard Bradichansky, the 2 7/8” (72mm) long blade is crafted of AUS-6 stainless steel. Pick your preference. The SC01 comes in two blade configurations, a PlainEdge/SpyderEdge TM combination or fully PlainEdged TM version. Both feature The Spyderco Trademark Round Hole TM for easy and accessible one hand opening. The stainless steel handle is pancake-flat with rounded edges offering enough surface area to make this model well suited for engraving and other customization. A round hole on the front of the handle allows access to disengage the LinerLock TM securing the knife in the open position. Overall weight is just 3.3 oz (93 g) making it an inconspicuous travel companion.

SPSC01P Plain EdgeSpyderco Knives Discount Knives Knife Center

SPSC01PS Combo EdgeSpyderco Knives Discount Knives Knife Center

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