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Bob Terzuola


SP 55 Bob Terzuola Starmate,. CLIPIT by Spyderco®

Many people, have a hard time pronouncing it ... but the name Bob Terzuola is a mainstay in the custom knife industry. Often called "Bob T.", he's been making custom knives for more than 20 years and everybody wants one! The new custom collaboration SP55 Bob Terzuola Starmate CLIPIT demonstrates Bob's stylish military flair with the traditional features found in a Spyderco. A hollow-ground

3 3/4 inch (96mm) blade sports a swedge grind and Bob's trademark logo, Etz'Nab, (a Mayan god). Made of premium CPM440V stainless steel, the blade has a small rise on the spine above the Spyderco Trademark Round Hole for comfortable thumb placement while cutting. The black G-10 handle is slim and slightly enlarged at the rear with a subtle finger choil near the blade, adding traction for grip and enhanced ergonomic control. Overall the knife is 8 11/16 inches (221 mm) when fully opened. Powerfully built and incredibly light, it weighs just 4.25 ounces (120 grams) and will likely end up being the knife you carry everyday. It features a smooth-action LinerLock® and convenient clothing clip for tip (up/down?) carry in the pocket.

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