TIM WEGNER Designer Clip-It First Impressions and Comparisons

Pictured above -is, from top down, Endura, Tim Wegner, and the Military

The Wegner designed Spyderco knives have arrived and they are full of surprises. First of all, these are the heaviest G-10 handles knives from Spyderco yet- in fact they weigh in at 0.30 lbs (on the KnifeCenter digital scale), which is the exact same weight as the Benchmade BM975, but this one has a liner on only one side. The liner is about twice the thickness as the Military model's and covers the whole right inside of the handle including the surface the blade rubs against as it opens. This adds to the very solid feel of this knife as it opens and closes.

Dexter Ewing adds: "...the full length SS spacer acts as a counterweight, counterbalancing the weight of the relatively thick blade. Try using a pinch grip on the knife - index finger resting on the notched thumb rest while the rest of the fingers pinch the handle. handle does not touch the palm. You will feel the difference the SS spacer makes. Also, for a large knife, the SS spacer makes it pretty agile. And the spacer gives the handle lateral strength. It feels as solid, or even more solid, than my CQC7 and AFCK."

The blade is the same thickness as the Military, about 1/8". What really adds to both the weight and overall integrity of this product is the solid steel spacer along the back of the handle which covers the distance from the pivot pin all the way around past the lanyard hole and is a full 3/16" wide. It really has a hefty and solid feel to it and the handle is comfortable to grip. The action is rock solid and quick and the sound and feel of this knife locking open is a world away from the Military model -click versus KaChunK! The feel of this knife is more similar to Spyderco's metal body clip-its than to any of the other G-10 handle models.

The locking liner design is similar to the Military's. We like its easy access and they all seem to lock over at least 1/3 the distance across the base of the blade. Most go past half. The blade pivot has a adjuster screw but this knife does not have the hex-nut construction of the military.

We haven't cut anything with these knives and so cannot give any reviews of the cutting power, but they seem very well designed and they will probably be a useful and strong tool for a variety of applications.

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