BC Series
With the strong innovation capability, Fenix bike lights feature Dual Distance Beam System, producing close-in visibility and long-range illumination as well as broad flood beam.
CL Series
Fenix Camping Lanterns are all about innovation and all-around performance. These all-weather LED lanterns provide uncompromised performance and keep your adventure going anytime, anywhere.
E Series
The E Series of LED lights are small enough to put on your keychain or in your pocket. Each flashlight has a waterproof, aircraft grade aluminum lightweight casing.
FD Series
Fenix's FD series features zoomable—or focusable—flashlights that can adjust from spotlight to floodlight.
HL Series
With exquisite appearance, excellent performance and wide-ranging output options, Fenix developed the HL Series with optimum weight-to-output ratios.
HM Series
The HM series headlamp is a fantastic value makes for the perfect partner to take camping, hiking or running when your goal is to extend your day.
HP Series
Taking full advantage of modern lighting technology and creative designs, Fenix successfully develops the HP series headlamps with outstanding performance.
HT Series
The Fenix HT series will be your go-to hunting flashlight and you can't beat the long distance capabilities
LD Series
Minimalist design with maximum functionality including multiple LED outputs and a waterproof flashlight case. Allows long battery life or high power as needed.
LR Series
The LR Series features Fenix's most powerful, ultra-high performance flashlights.
MC Series
A proven twist on reliable Fenix performance, MC11 turns any direction that light's needed.
PD Series
While retaining the power of the P Series, The PD flashlight line offers even longer battery life with a low power LED option.
RC Series
Tough, fully waterproof, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective, Fenix RC series brightest rechargeable flashlights are made for those who need a reliable, bright and quick to regain power flashlight.
SD Series
Fenix now has a better way to explore the depths with the SD Series flashlights.
T5Ti Halberd Series
Lightweight with elaborate CNC machining, the Fenix Halberd T5Ti Titanium Tactical Pen will become your favorite pen to use every day or to give as a gift—even for the most discerning pen aficionado.
TK Series
TK Series Tactical Flashlights are engineered to maximize reliability and heavy duty use with the most powerful and brightest illumination.
UC Series
The UC Series features durable rechargeable LED flashlights targeted for hunters, search and rescue, military and law enforcement personnel.
WF Series
The WF Series by Fenix is an intrinsically safe flashlight, intended for all areas at risk of explosion (excluding underground mines). It's passed the necessary tests and was certified by IECEx, ATEX and CSA.
WT Series
Versatile, multi-functional LED flashlights and worklights.
Gadgets, add-ons, and more... Fenix offers various accessories for its flashlights. From red light filters to light diffusing tips to bicycle mounts, Fenix lighting accessories are made to enhance any lighting situation you may have.
Compatible with a variety of batteries, Fenix battery chargers are perfect for keeping all of your rechargeable batteries and devices at full charge.
With outstanding performance, reliable quality and exquisite workmanship, Fenix flashlights have won global users' love and trust.
Keychain Flashlights
Lightweight and affordable, these keychain flashlights are perfect for tiny storage spaces like drawers, glove compartments, purses and pockets.
Fenix all-season LED lanterns go beyond the limits in lantern power, portability and versatility.
Rechargeable Flashlights
These reliable, rechargeable flashlights are built on proven platforms from the most popular Fenix models.
Tactical Pens
Tactical pens from Fenix are not only exquisite writing instruments, but they are also perfectly designed to be strong enough to handle any emergency, self-defense, or tactical challenge.

About Fenix

As the proverb says "Improvement roots from dissatisfaction", the establishment of FenixLight Limited also roots from "dissatisfaction". A group of young men, passionate about high quality illumination tools, grew increasingly unsatisfied with the amount of mediocre flashlights on the market, inferior tools with substandard construction and poor attention to detail. Dissatisfied by the lighting products available at the time, the young men set out to make world class illumination tools. Seeking help, they organized a group of professional engineers to head their machining, electronics and design departments and together they founded FenixLight Limited. The marriage between ingenuity and craftsmanship help create Fenix's legendary lights, tools that are held in high regard all over the world. 
Since appearing on the market, FenixLight Limited has produced an outstanding product line. From the first L1 produced, to the latest multi-level, processor controlled lights, Fenix strives to produce only the most innovative products. In fact, the Fenix L1 became the standard of high quality flashlights and was voted one of the most innovative flashlights of 2005 by users and media.
What's more, the Fenix L1 series started a new era of high-quality, single AA lights. The L1 successfully integrated a bright beam, a constant current regulation circuit and low operating costs all in a very compact design, a first in the industry. Fenix was the first mass manufacturer to bring such a quality single AA cell LED flashlight to the market. The introduction of the L1 created a niche market and began to attract people's attention. 
Since then, Fenix has produced many models to add to our ever expanding product line. Though challenges are ever increasing, with every new Fenix product we strive to bring our customers the highest quality tool possible. 



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