Oriental Swords

Including Katanas, Wakizashis, Tai Chi swords, etc. Our most popular sword selection, with some authentically handmade items from modern masters. See our Katanas

Game of Thrones Weapon Replicas

A collection of officially licensed replicas from the Game of Thrones television series and A Song of Ice and Fire book series. These items are true to detail and make great display pieces.

European Style Swords

Including Crusader Sword models, Hand and a Half Swords, Templars, Agincourts, Viking Swords, Excaliburs, Bastard Swords, Lionheart, Norman, and Celtic

Practice Swords Including Iaito and Bokkens and Plastic Models

Unsharpened training swords in a variety of lengths and styles.

Classic Rapiers

These classic rapiers offer the re-enactor and the collector a sword reminiscent of the times of the musketeers.

Fantasy Swords

A great selection of fantasy inspired designs on well made modern swords. Some are official movie sword replicas, including our barbarian style swords.

Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Swords and Gear

The officially licensed swords from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies. These are beautifully made and are affordably priced.

Robin Hood Style Swords

A popular design motif of large swords recalling stirring tales of the famous outlaw and his band of "Merry Men."

Butterfly Swords

Butterfly swords/knife sets are believed to have been developed by Shaolin monks as a concealable defensive weapons.

Reproduction Historical Swords

These beautiful reproduction swords are handcrafted in Spain. The details are carefully recreated, but these are not meant for actual use. These are for decoration only and will not take or hold an edge.

Reproduction Decorator Daggers and Knives

Authentically handcrafted in Spain, these are fine decorative items, well made and beautifully finished. As with the swords, however, these are for decoration only and will not take or hold an edge.

Civil War Collectibles

A variety of Civil War Collectibles. Included are swords, bugles, and other reproductions.

Decorator (Non-Working) Historic Firearms

Some great historic pistol and rifle models, including blunderbusses and dagger-pistols.

Reproduction Axes

We carry a variety of reproduction axes from every age. From battle axes to tomahawks, we've got what you are looking for.

Pirate Collectibles

We carry a variety of pirate collectibles, including cutlasses and flintlock pistol reproductions.

Spears and Spear Heads

Hand crafted, forged steel spear heads as well as modern hunting tools.


Great for decoration or protection! Solid construction with heavy gauge steel and wall hanging mount.

Canes, Sword Canes and Staffs

We offer several great cane swords as well as sword staffs.

Sword Displays, Racks and Stands

From wall racks to desk top stands, these allow you to properly display your swords.

Letter Openers

We offer several unique styles of letter openers, including sword and knife reproductions.

Miniature Historical Cannon

Desktop miniatures with moving parts and amazing detail. These do not actually fire.

Sheaths and Cases

For the re enactors and fighters CAS provides a great arrangement of sheaths. We also carry a variety of sword carrying cases.

Sword Maintenance Kits

The sword maintenance kits we carry are of excellent quality. We also carry a special sword oil.

Scottish Style Broadswords and Dirks

Mostly large broadswords from the Scots. Included are the Claymore Swords and Basket Hilts.