Asian Precision
Beautifully crafted stamped steel blades in a great selection of Asian and western styles
Four Seasons (Stamped)
Four Seasons has the molded, commercial handle. It is one-piece, die-cut from a single billet of fine German tempered stainless stamping steel alloy. Four Seasons knives are truely hygienic and of commercial quality.
Meridian Elite Forged (Forged)
Messermeister forged cutlery in the popular riveted look handles.
Oliva Elite (Forged)
Each knife handle in the Oliva Elite knife line is unique and made from beautiful, Italian olive wood. No two handles are the identical, making these knives truly boutique and one-of-a-kind.
Park Plaza (Stamped)
Messermeister's stamped line- great quality at very good prices. Also made in Germany.
Culinary Instruments
Messermeister’s Culinary Instruments Series, made in Seki, Japan, includes the must-have, every-day kitchen tools. No matter the task, Messermeister has the appropriate tool.
San Moritz Elite (Forged)
Top of the line forged, German cutlery. Heavy weight and perfectly crafted.
Mu Knife Collection
The Mu knife collection blends the best of Eastern and Western culture, styles and materials. The Eastern shaped handles are distinguished by two distinctly different handle materials: carbonized layered natural bamboo and a phenolic resin based black laminate of linen fibers.
The Pro-Touch Series, with extra-large, soft-grip handles, includes some of the most highly rated gadgets on the market today.

Mission Statement

Messermeister provides the highest quality of cutlery and culinary tools to both food-service professionals and home cooks. We are committed to designing new and innovative products and sourcing the world to find the very best quality at the right price for the market. Our products are all fully warranted for the life of the user against defects in materials and workmanship. Messermeister is proud to have served the culinary community for over 28 years and will continue into the next generation


Messermeister, Inc



The story of Messermeister, “messer” meaning knife and “meister” meaning master, begins with a man and his passion for premium cutlery. Bernd Dressler immigrated to the U.S. in 1967 from Australia and began his career as a salesperson in cutlery for a large German knife company. While learning his craft from the masters, he decided the need existed for more functional, better performing knives and he set out on a course to improve upon the existing selection of knives and culinary tools. In order to accomplish his mission he found it necessary to set up a world wide net work of dedicated suppliers who would take his ideas and turn them into the most advanced, innovative and highest quality knives and tools available to the U.S market. By 1981 Dressler started a nationwide distribution of products that evolved into the Messermeister brand of knives and culinary tools we know today. 



Bernd Dressler was a true innovator and traveled the country seeking the advice of chefs, retailers, and industry professionals. Among his innovations are the first bolsterless heel and the first truly full cambered wide blade chef’s knives. He also felt the need to create a sharper edge and made sure all the forged knives were ground, reground, and finished with a true polished bevel. He was meticulous to detail and made sure each knife was handcrafted by devoted Solingen artisans, using only the finest available industrial quality components. Every forged knife is one of a kind and truly the finest custom made German kitchen knife in the world today.  


After more than two decades of providing culinary perfection, Bernd Dressler passed on a legacy to his family. Today, under the guidance of his wife and daughters, the company continues to strive for excellence in providing the highest quality knives and culinary tools to chefs, culinary students, and home cooks. The Messermeister brand continues to be a trendsetter by searching the world to source and bring the finest culinary products to consumers of the U.S. and many other countries. Now in its 3rd decade of existence, Messermeister continues to win the hearts and souls of cooking enthusiasts all over the world.


We invite you to create you own culinary success story with Messermeister!


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