The AxeBlade W1 is an all-around multi-purpose cutting tool that is great for the avid outdoorsman who might encounter just about anything
Butcher Pro
Great quality and economically priced commercial grade cutlery that rivals any on the market.
Cuisine Kitchen Cutlery
To achieve the right balance and design, the EKA Cuisine series has been developed in collaboration with the best Swedish chefs.
Duo Pivoting Blade Fillet Knives
A hallmark of EKA, this pivoting blade little wonder is extremely useful and versatile. Practical, safe and razor-sharp, it can be used in the kitchen, on a fishing trip or on the sailboat.
FireSharp Multi-Purpose Survival Tool
The FireSharp is an invaluable tool if lost in the wilderness with a ceramic/carbide sharpener, fire starter, and morse code guide all in one compact package.
G3 Pivoting Blade Hunters
The EKA G3 uses a tried and tested pivoting blade design that allows the use and functionality of two different styles blades incorporated into one knife.
Measuring in at 12.6", the HatchBlade is easy to pack and carry with you pretty much anywhere for any situation.
The MachBlade W1 features a robust 12" blade made of Sandvik 12C27 steel with a sawback spine that is ideal for limbs, small trees or notching.
Nordic T12 Tactical Fixed Blade
EKA's take on the tactical survival knife, the Nordic T12 will impress in any role.
Nordic W12 Fixed Blade
Same knife at heart as the Nordic T12 but designed more for utility, camping, and hunting tasks with a Scandi ground drop point blade.
RTG-1 Fixed Blade
The RTG-1, built by Rowen Manufacturing, is a large American made fixed blade that comes with several customization options.
Swede 10 Folder
The Big Swede 10 folder is for those people who enjoy the design on the Swede 8 but prefer the cutting capabilities of a three and a half inch blade.
Swede 9 Folder
A strong, ergonomic folder with a patented rear locking mechanism making for a hard use design you can depend on.
Swede T9 Folder
A combat version of the hard-use Swede 9 folder available in tactical black or high-visibility orange with a black tanto blade.
Viking Folding Combi-Saw
Folding saws are a campers best friend when it comes to processing fire wood. They require a fraction of the energy you would use if breaking down trees with an axe or hatchet.

EKA-knivar AB was founded in 1882 by Hadar Hallström, under the name Hadar Hallström Kniffabriks Aktiebolag. In 1917 the company name was changed to Eskilstuna Kniffabriks Aktiebolag – later abbreviated as EKA-knivar AB.

Until the middle of the 20th century Eskilstuna was a real “knife town”. More than 40 factories specialising in knife manufacture resided in the city. With its focus on quality and its will to develop, EKA managed to stay in the market. Today we are northern Europe’s leading folding knife manufacturer.

In addition to folding knives EKA’s product line has been augmented with fixed blade knives for outdoor living, hunting and household use. After a hundred years in the business EKA has become a well-known name, associated with quality and craftsmanship. Our knives are known throughout the world for their strength, safety and first-class design.

Proficiency, precision and experience of outdoor living as well as hunting and fishing are the foundation of our good reputation. EKA places the same high demands on all products; from folding and fixed blade knives to saws and accessories.

We usually say that there are three basic requirements for manufacturing a quality knife:

1. The steel in the knife must be of high quality. EKA uses stainless steel from Sandvik in its knives, a steel with the technical description 12C27.

2. The hardening of the knife must be 57-59 Rockwell C.

    3. The edge must be well made. To guarantee a sharp, durable edge we use an edge angle of 40 degrees.