The Wagner Story begins in the mid-nineteen hundreds, the textile industry in Switzerland was booming. It was during these times when my grandfather, Walter Bachmann, lost his job due to unfortunate circumstances. Out of a job and pressed with the responsibility of providing for his seven children, Walter took to fasting and prayer. Towards the end of his 40 day fast, he was inspired with an invention called the “Breithalter”. The “Breithalter” was a mechanical device that significantly increased textile output and quality. Walter’s invention and company revolutionized the textile industry and made him one of the successful industrialists of his time.
As a lad, I can remember visiting my Grandfather and asking him the following question, ”How can you be a man of faith and yet be in the business of making money?” Calmly, my Grandfather’s attention turned to a red box. He picked it up, paused, and then went on to say “Do you see this box, Bernard?” He then proceeded to open the box, pointed to the “Breithalter” invention, and said, ”Whenever I put a “Breithalter” such as this one into a box, ready to ship, I knew I was sending my customer a quality product. I always strived to give my customers good value for their money. That’s how you can be a man of faith and a business-man at the same time”.