Gerber 06
Combat folder with fast action and great price.
Gerber 06 AUTO
Oversize release button and S30V super stainless blade. For police and military only.
Gerber Affinity
The Affinity has a natural liking toward high class everyday carry.
Gerber Airlift
A smart mashup of two best-selling designs, the Airlift offers the durable steel frame of the Paraframe with the streamlined blade and handle design of the Ripstop.
Gerber Answer
Very fast and lightweight.
Gerber Applegate
Designed by the Legendary Colonel Rex Applegate. Including the smaller size Coverts as well as assisted opening models.
Gerber Armbar
The Armbar is a convenient little design that operates like a fully capable multi-tool.
Gerber Asada
The Asada is a cleaver flipper with a ball bearing pivot and pinch plate for smooth, consistent action.
Gerber Ayako
Taking notes from modern Japanese design and heritage friction folders, the Ayako front flipper is definitely not short on style.
Gerber Bear Grylls Knives and Tools
The Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series of knives and tools and gear.
Gerber Broadcut Machete
The modern version of the traditional jungle tribesmen's machete, the Broadcut Machete is as effective as the name suggests.
Gerber Bushcraft
A hammerhead on the back and a waterproof Gear Storage Stick the nests in the handle makes these axes perfect for survivalists and bushcrafters.
Gerber Center-Drive
Streamlined to offer the right tools for optimal functionality, the Center-Drive will replace your tool belt in no time.
Gerber Cohort
With a minimalist design to keep it light and discreet, this knife disappears in your pocket until needed.
Gerber Commuter
Slim profile. Lightweight design. Superior grip. The Commuter is an everyday carry pocket folding knife designed and built in Gerber's Portland, Oregon factory.
Gerber Compact Clearpath Machete
For backcountry travel when every bit of weight is accounted for, the Compact Clearpath Machete is the tough, packable tool to bring along for the ride.
Gerber ComplEAT
Gerber's ComplEAT has the bases covered with a fork, spoon, spatula, and 4 function multi-tool that nest for transport as well as snap together to convert into functional tongs.
Gerber Crisis
When every elapsed moment counts against survival or safety, this featherweight rescue knife can afford its user the critical additional window.
Gerber Decree
The Decree is built for hard labor over the long haul and is proudly made in the USA.
Gerber Devour
Designed to handle mealtime from start to finish, the Devour has 9 tools on hand for prep, eating, and cleaning. The lightweight combo snaps together for secure portability, yet each tool works independently.
Gerber DoubleDown
The DoubleDown folding machete employs the patent-pending QuadLock system for safe handling no matter how hard you thrash on it.
Gerber Downrange Tactical Series
The Tactical Downrange products are some of the toughest Gerber makes designed for hard use Military applications.
Gerber Downright OTF Auto
This American-made fighting knife is constructed with a rugged double action and secure lock-up delivering unwavering confidence to its operator.
Gerber Downwind
The Downwind Series is Gerber's nod to the aesthetics of the past, married with the materials of the modern-day.
Gerber E-Z Out
The Gerber E-Z-Out has all of the best features that users expect from a pocket knife.
Gerber EAB
The Gerber EAB pocket knives employ contractor grade utility blades that can easily be replaced, keeping you ready and on the go.
Gerber Edict
Proudly made in Portland, OR, the Edict continues Gerber's history of American-made tactical knives designed to be used by soldiers and police officers.
Gerber Emerson Alliance AUTO
Classic design by Ernest Emerson, manufactured in Oregon by Gerber.
Gerber Empower AUTO
The Empower Series is a one-hand automatic opening folding knife that wields a new-to-world stainless steel grip technology.
Gerber Evo
Slim design pocket knife with Finger Flip and pocket clip. Also, the EVO Jr. pocketknives.
Gerber Exo-Mod
Whether hunting, backpacking, camping, or any other outdoor pursuit, an Exo-Mod tool is a good choice to have by your side.
Gerber EZ Out Rescue
Easy to use knives and lightweight to carry. The perfect emrgency worker knife.
Gerber Fast Draw
The Gerber assisted openers with super fast action.
Gerber Fastball
The USA-made Fastball is a slender utility knife with smooth flipping action and a thin profile making it perfect for everyday carry.
Gerber Fishing Series
Gerber fishing tools are made to extend your adventure anywhere and everywhere you dare to tread.
Gerber FlatIron
Gerber's (Cleaver Folder) features a robust 3.8" blade and a sturdy aluminum frame lock design.
Gerber Freeman Guide
The Freeman Guide series was created for one reason: to be your go-to knife on the hunt. Available in folding or fixed blades.
Gerber Freescape
The Gerber Freescape series features a variety of budget-friendly outdoor and camping gear.
Gerber Fuse
The Fuse is here to compete with the best EDC knives out there in terms of both form and function.
Gerber Gator
A best-seller for decades, the iconic Gator line has earned a place in Gerber's storied history, drawing inspiration from the very animal that it was created to emulate.
Gerber GDC Daily Carry Options
Gerber GDC Daily Carry tools and knives are the perfect options to have with you in a pinch.
Gerber Ghostrike
The Ghostrikes are designed for discreet carry in any environment and built for the modern-day tactical professional.
Gerber Haul
The Haul assisted folding knife is a modern, stylized knife that springs into action via the dual thumb studs.
Gerber Highbrow
The luxe design of the Highbrow incorporates an assisted opening flipper and Pivot Lock that can be accessed from both sides making it completely ambidextrous.
Gerber Hyperflip
D2, textured Micarta, and assisted opening combine to make the Hyperflip a force with which to be reckoned.
Gerber Impromptu
Made from machined steel with a tempered window-shattering tip design, the Impromptu Tactical Pen can be used to break a windshield or defend yourself from an unexpected attack.
Gerber Index
The bold colors and angular design of the Index finger flipper knife reflect the rugged, everyday use that it was intended for.
Gerber Instant
An assisted tactical folder that is lightweight and ultra-functional.
Gerber Jukebox
Paying homage to the knives used by barbers with an every day carry appeal, the Jukebox leaves an impression with a full edge blade that is easily deployed for the total EDC package.
Gerber Kettlebell
The Kettlebell Folder features a rugged 7Cr17MoV blade, sturdy frame lock, and coined aluminum handle, textured for secure grip.
Gerber Key Note
The Key Note is a "do it all" knife that packs a surprising amount of utility into a compact frame.
Gerber LMF
A brilliant incarnation of the Light Military Fixed blade knife. This time it is available with or without the special ASEK strap cutter.
Gerber Lockdown
The Lockdown is a modern EDC multi-tool with only the tools that you really need.
Gerber LST
In 1980, Pete Gerber introduced the L.S.T., the first knife to use an all synthetic handle.
Gerber Mark II
Re-introduction of a classic fighting dagger.
Gerber Moment
For those who pride themselves in doing a thorough and efficient job of field dressing, cutting and quartering the animal, the Gerber Moment hunting series is a must.
Gerber Mullet
Business in the in the rear. Well, in terms of the Gerber Mullet, it's a TSA compliant multi-tool that belongs on your keychain.
Gerber Myth
Excellent hunting knives and tools that come with sheaths outfitted with a built-in carbide sharpener.
Gerber One-Flip
With a unique and stylish aesthetic, the One-Flip will quickly grab your attention.
Gerber Pack Hatchet
For a compact tool, the Pack Hatchet delivers an impressive amount of function.
Gerber Paraframe
Some of the most attractive metal handle folding knives we have seen. Also, the Gerber Knives Mini Paraframes.
Gerber Paralite
The Paralite is an everyday carry folder that's durable and easy to operate in a pinch.
Gerber Pocket Square
Designed in Portland for the design-conscious consumer, this forward-thinking knife captures the attention of people who like new trends.
Gerber Principle
Whatever circumstance the outdoors may throw your way, the Principle is designed to overcome.
Gerber Prodigy
Solidly built combat knife at an affordable price with deluxe sheath. Made in the USA.
Gerber Propel
This tactical folder is available as an AUTO or Assisted folder for fast deployment under any circumstances or conditions.
Gerber Prybrid
The Prybrid is a hybrid tool with a replaceable blade and pry bar that can be carried on a keychain.
Gerber Randy Newberg Series
Hunter extraordinaire Randy Newberg used his experience and expertise to craft some excellent hunting knives for Gerber.
Gerber Remix
Great series of stout lockback folding knives.
Gerber Ripstop
All stainless framelock pocket knife series, creatively styled!
Gerber Salt Rx
Engineered to meet the needs of the saltwater fisherman, SALT Rx offers superior protection against corrosion, wear, and tough environments.
Gerber Shark Belly
An update to a classic and proven design, the Shark Belly is an everyday carry folder that is affordable, dependable, and made in the USA.
Gerber Spine
The Spine fixed blade knife brings the outdoorsman exactly what is needed—a sturdy, full tang 7Cr17MoV blade, rubberized grip for all weather conditions and rugged glass-filled nylon sheath.
Gerber STL
No thicker than three quarters stacked together, the STL (stands for Strong, Thin, and Light) rides comfortably in your pocket.
Gerber StongArm
The StrongArm fixed blades carry on Gerber's legacy of tough-as-hell fixed blade knives for combat and survival applications.
Gerber Straightlace
The Straightlace is a simple yet modern take on a classic gentleman's knife.
Gerber Sumo
The Sumo is an oversize design with the weight toward the tip for easy handling around a campsite or on a hunt.
Gerber Suspension NXT
Taking design cues from the original, the Suspension NXT is the evolution of the classic multi-tool design.
Gerber Tri-Tip Mini Cleaver
Not only relegated to the kitchen, the Tri-Tip Mini Cleaver is a unique solution for a variety of daily tasks.
Gerber Truss
The Truss is an all-inclusive multi-tool, with 17 tools built to the exacting needs of the professional user in a size-conscious design.
Gerber Ultimate Survival Knife
Taking design cues from the Bear Grylls Survival Knife, this is the ultimate camping companion right here. A perfect gift option as well!
Gerber US-Assist
Intuitively designed and painstakingly tested, the US-Assist is the next generation of the everyday pocket knife.
Gerber Versafix
Packed with smart design, the Versafix is a compact machete that swings heavy with features.
Gerber Vertebrae
The Vertebrae is a compact fixed blade ideal for ultralight hikers who don't want to lug around huge pieces of equipment.
Gerber Vital
The Vital series does the same job as the knives and tools in your dad's and uncle's pockets, but in less time and with less strain.
Gerber Warrant
Light, thin and strong. Ready for combat.
Gerber Wingtip
The Wingtip slipjoint's small concealable size allows it to be carried inside your pocket with minimal distraction and maximum usability.
Gerber Zilch
Cross-hatch checkering and a slender form factor make the Zilch an easy knife to carry every day.


When Joseph R. Gerber described his young knife company, Gerber Legendary Blades, as the, “birth of an enterprise that grew into big business,” it was true, but it was an understatement for sure. What had started out in 1939 as a small batch of handmade cutlery sets given as holiday gifts had turned into thousands of retail accounts around the country. By 1960, Gerber had quickly become one of the most trusted, appreciated and collected names in knives.

Over 70 years since its founding and Gerber continues to grow. Still grounded in the same principles that first guided Joseph R. Gerber’s “enterprise,” Gerber is a company dedicated to making knives and tools that combine high quality materials and innovative designs that will stand up to a lifetime of use. The sleek, stainless steel sheath knives of the ’50s and ’60s (the Magnum Hunter) have given birth to today’s lightweight, open-frame clip folders (the Remix). Gerber is, however, no longer just a knife company. Multi-tools, axes, handsaws, machetes, headlamps, flashlights, survival kits, digging implements - these are the newest directions that Gerber explores with the same standards of quality and design that inform their revered knife making.

Gerber warrants to the consumer that this product will be free of defects, in material and workmanship for as long as you own the product. This warranty does not cover damage due to rust, accident, loss, improper use, loss, abuse, negligence, or modification of or to any part of the product. Normal wear and tear is not covered under the warranty. If the product failed while being used as it was intended to be used, we will service under the warranty. At Gerber's option, defective product will be repaired, replaced, or substituted with a product of equal value.

Warranty FAQ

Q: What is a Lifetime Limited Warranty?

A: Gerber warrants to the consumer that this product will be free of defects, in material and workmanship for as long as you own the product. This warranty does not cover damage due to rust, accident, loss, improper use, loss, abuse, negligence, or modification of or to any part of the product. Normal wear and tear is not covered under the warranty. If the product failed while being used as it was intended to be used, we will service under the warranty. At Gerber's option, defective product will be repaired, replaced, or substituted with a product of equal value.


14200 SW 72nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97224

Customer Service Line

(800) 950-6161
(503) 403-1166

I do not live in the United States. Is there a place I can return my Gerber for warranty repair?

Currently, we are only completing repairs at our main factory in Portland, Oregon. Please refer to our warranty section for warranty coverage and the address to return the product.

I returned my Gerber for warranty, how long will it take until I have my Gerber back?

Normal turnaround time is approximately Three to Four weeks. During the late summer and early winter, the turnaround time can be upwards of six to eight weeks during the hunting and holiday seasons.

If you use stainless steel, why has rust occurred on my Gerber product?

Our products use a 100% high-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is not completely resistant to rust, but rather is more corrosion resistant to rust. Corrosion can occur in the absence of proper maintenance. Your Gerber product should be cleaned, dried, and re-oiled periodically to inhibit rust and corrosion; this is especially true in a damp or marine environment. If your Gerber product comes in contact with any substance that you are uncertain about, it is always a good idea to wash your blade off with tap water, dry it, and apply a light coat of oil. If your Gerber product comes into contact with saltwater you must flush it with tap water immediately after use and coat it with a good quality lightweight oil. Salt water is extremely corrosive and will attack and destroy any type of steel. After cleaning, re-oil your Gerber product with a good gun oil or 3-in-1 oil. Buff stained areas with a polishing cloth or a non-metallic scouring pad.

My Gerber product was lost or stolen. Will you replace it?

Sorry, but stolen or lost products are not covered under the warranty. Our warranty covers material and manufacturing defects.

I broke a blade and would like to replace the part myself, can you send me the part I need or can I get it from a Gerber retailer?

For liability reasons, we do not sell or send individual blades, jaws, or bits, anything that would require disassembly of the product, through the mail. Our products are designed to be disassembled by our factory-trained personnel only. Repaired tools are reassembled by our personnel to ensure the most optimum tool performance. Attempting to disassemble your Gerber product yourself could result in lost components, compromise tool functionality and void the warranty.

The sheath on my Gerber was lost or has worn out can I get a replacement?

To purchase a replacement sheath please email

The pocket clip on my Gerber knife broke, how could I get a replacement?

We can send you a replacement pocket clip, pocket clip screws, and/or handle screws on applicable products. Please email, and provide your name, address, phone number, the model of knife, and the requested parts.

I own a Gerber Multi-Plier and want a different blade installed in place of another part, can this be done?

Each model of Multi-Plier contains a group of tools that are designed to meet the needs of a vast array of interests and needs. We cannot substitute different blades or tools from one model to another.

If you cannot send replacement blades, can you send me the c-clip, spring, button that are used to retract the pliers?

Yes, that does not require disassembly of the Multi-Plier to repair. Please email us at . Please provide your name, address, phone number, the model of Multi-Plier, and the requested parts.

The black finish on my blade is peeling or coming off? Is there anything I can do? Will Gerber Blades warranty the finish or refinish the product?

A black Teflon or black oxide coating is applied to some knife blades for ornamental reasons. Continued rubbing on a sheath or pants pocket will cause the coating to wear through over time and that is considered normal wear and tear. The black Teflon or black oxide coating can be scratched off if the blade comes in contact with a hard metal objects which would not be covered by warranty. If the black Teflon or black oxide coating is peeling off and there are no signs of scratching or abrasion, then the coating is defective. There is no way to repair the coating. Blade replacement is the only solution.

The triangular tungsten carbide cutters on my Gerber Multi-Plier have worn out or broke, where can I get replacements?

The carbide cutter inserts are the same cutters used on lathes, mills, and CNC machines used in the metal fabrication industry. These parts are proprietary and cannot be found in industrial stores or machine shops. These are machined specifically at Gerber. For a list of retailers that offer these parts, please

Gerber's Sales material:

When did we decide campgrounds needed laundromats? When the car stalled, whose bright idea was it to reach for a cell phone instead of a tool?

There was a time when the words "quick" and "fix" were never found together in the same sentence. When our homes needed to be built, we grabbed brothers, fathers and hammers, not a mouse that clicked on Mr. On-line Contractor. Our nation's great accomplishments were a testament to hard work, sweat and ingenuity. After all, we not only put a man on the moon, but built him a rover to drive while he was up there.

What will we achieve today?

Can we turn our cheek to the enemy known as convenience before it makes us helpless? Do we have what it takes to depend solely on ourselves?

As you ponder these questions, we invite you to join us on our mission.

We're Gerber®. We design the tools, knives and outdoor gear that are essential, not only for the task at hand, but for bringing back something lost: our self-reliance.

Gerber. Fend For Yourself.