Edge Pro Accessories
From manuals to stone levelers, Edge Pro accessories will cover just about every sharpening need.
Edge Pro Apex Model Series
The Apex can handle any blade up to 3.5" wide, serrated or plain, and sharpens at the same angle every time. The Apex removes nicks and dings without distortion or creating heat.
Edge Pro Ceramic Hones
These ceramic hones make touch up jobs easy and efficient. Designed to work with blades of all sizes, it also fits in serrated blades.
Edge Pro Polish Tapes
For the longest lasting edge use Polish tapes to create the desired polish.
Edge Pro Professional Model Series
The Professional Model is the fastest and most versatile hand sharpening system. Instructional DVD included.
Edge Pro Sharpening Stones
Snaps into the Edge Pro sharpening system with ease, removing the desired amount of metal.

More precise, faster than any other hand sharpening system. The Apex and the Professional do exactly the same sharpening job on any knife. The Pro is adjustable for work height, which makes sharpening for long hours more comfortable. I recommend that customers in commercial sharpening, buy the Pro. The Apex is smaller and lighter and more portable. The scissor attachment is only compatible with the Pro. Both machines have a lifetime guarantee.

Whether you are cooking or on the job site, the best tool you can have is a sharp knife. Here at Edge Pro Inc., we have created the best knife sharpening system in the business. Our Edge Pro sharpening tool is quick, easy and very effective. We are one of a kind and no other system can compete with the Edge Pro. Take advantage of this opportunity to own the best knife sharpening system available!

Our hand-held sharpener is the most precise and fastest hand sharpening system on the market. The Edge Pro knife sharpening system is a must to have regardless if you use your knives for industrial or personal use. All of our machines have a lifetime guarantee, so even if something goes wrong, it will be fixed free of charge. We have designed our knife sharpening system for premier comfort. It is adjustable for work height, which makes sharpening for long hours more comfortable. All of our systems are mess free and are able to be conveniently packed away.

We also offer many accessories to enhance your manual knife sharpening system. Some of the products we carry are the Edge Pro hand-held knife sharpeners, polish tapes, sharpening stones, water stones, ceramic homes and serrated knife sharpeners. When you are using the Edge Pro System you will have the sharpest knives possible. Our complete Edge Pro System is all you need. We have two systems, the Pro and the Apex. Both sharpening systems will do a great job.