DMT DiaSpray
DMT DiaSpray is a great way to achieve the finest edge possible on knives, straight razors and woodworking tools.
DMT Aligner Diamond Sharpening Kits
The secret to fine sharpening is angle control, which assures consistent edges. The DMT® Aligner™ is the perfect edge knife sharpening guide for all blades—straight, serrated or curved.
DMT Countertop Diamond Benchstones
DMT Top Quality Benchstones in 6" , 8" and 10"Including the new DUO-SHARP double sided
DMT Crock Stick Sharpening Systems
Rod sharpeners that can be set to specific angles to make getting the right edge a breeze.
DMT Dia-Sharp Continuous Diamond Mini Hone
DMT Top Quality Benchstones in 6" , 8" and 10"Including the new DUO-SHARP double sided
DMT Diafold Folding Diamond Sharpeners
Voted 1998 Knife Accessory of the Year
DMT Diafold Folding Serrated Sharpeners
Perhaps the most effective tool for sharpening serrated knife blades. The diamond coated rod can remove material directly in the valleys of serrations or be used as a steel to set the edges of straight blades.
DMT Diafold Magna-Guide Sharpening System
All the great features of the traditional Diafold® Sharpeners, with the added benefit of a magnetic angle guide and Aligner clamp. Super Fast, Easy and Safe Guided Sharpening.
DMT Diamond Diapaste
Dia-Paste diamond compound provides the benefits of diamond honing, while attaining finer surface finishes. Use to obtain a highly polished or mirror finish on metal surfaces or fine woodworking tools like chisels and plane irons.
DMT Diamond Mini-Sharp Key Ring Tool
The "anywhere-anytime" pocket or key ring tool Perfect for fly fishing vests or tackle boxes, this convenient tool hones a sharp point on hooks and can restore a razor edge on a knife with just a few strokes.
DMT Diamond Sharpening Steel
Fast honing diamond surface, with the realigning function and convenience of traditional butcher's steel diamond sharpening rod.
DMT Diamond Wave Sharpening Surface
DMT innovative curved surface for curved blades
DMT Diasharp Continuous Surface Diamond Products
Continuous surface sharpeners give a more economical solution to sharpening while maintaining DMT's top quality position.
DMT Portable Sharpeners
A selection of portable sharpeners for those who are always on the go.
DMT Rubber Base For Duo Sharp Benchstones
DMT Base fits Duo Sharp Benchstones.

DMT History

August 2007 marked DMT’s 31st year as the leading innovator of manual diamond sharpening technology for people and industries dependent upon high performance edges. Incorporating diamond’s ability to abrade hard metals, DMT’s engineering and product development expertise and patented processes have evolved and expanded to service industrial, commercial and consumer markets. The company offers sharpening solutions for virtually every user—from do-it-yourselfers to large commercial operations. DMT’s specialized, precision sharpening systems function easily and efficiently to sharpen, hone, lap or deburr in the production, maintenance and repair cycles of a myriad of products.

The entire line of DMT products is manufactured in the company’s facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Home to the firm since 1983, the facility accommodated sales, marketing and production departments. The expanded production area houses first-of-its-kind injection molding systems complete with robotics to produce its patented DuoSharp® lines as well as the internationally recognized polka-dot patterned Diamond Whetstone™ line. DMT products have always been made in Massachusetts.

The company’s story began in Hudson, Massachusetts on the third floor of an old mill where DMT first developed and produced diamond saw blades for use in cutting blocks of granite. With a 1978 change in U.S. foreign policy, America released a significant part of the stockpile of industrial diamonds to Israel, causing world prices to plummet and DMT sales to plunge to near zero. Faced with the need to diversify, the company made a rather unlikely discovery.

From a round, four-inch, discarded center punch-out of a diamond grinding wheel grew the potential of a new tool. This diamond-surfaced plastic, perforated punch-out was transformed from waste material to sharpening innovation. It was an unbreakable, clean-cutting, super-fast sharpener, requiring no oil as lubricant. It was a tool that could sharpen any material, including the toughest composites, any metal, including tungsten carbide and even polycrystalline diamond (PCD) inserts with mechanical assistance – in other words, by hand.

After receiving and testing a sample sent to them, a purchasing agent for L.L. Bean extolled the product’s sharpening performance and suggested DMT consider a non-circular shape. By reshaping to a rectangular stone and the additional development of manufacturing and plating technologies to serve the sharpening needs of many diverse markets, DMT was on its way to becoming the recognized leader and the industry standard in diamond honing hand tools. L.L. Bean remains a DMT customer to this day.

DMT’s unprecedented engineering abilities provide customers with sharpening tools for processes requiring extraordinarily precise tolerances. To insure flat and stable sharpening surfaces, the company has invented a unique mold design that allows the mating of perforated steel inserts to engineered grade resins. DMT diamond surface flatness exceeds that of ground steel plates—a precision standard not attained by other manufacturers or sharpeners.

A variety of successful new products in receptive markets fueled DMT’s growth. Many innovative firsts, now copied but never equaled, are:

The Crystal Saver® — Rescues fine crystal, restoring serviceability and beauty by smoothing rough and chipped edges.

The DuoSharp®  — Multi-patented, first two-sided bench stone, manufactured using the latest technologies to ensure unparalleled precision flatness.

The Diamond Whetstone™ — Renowned polka dot pattern diamond surface that facilitates quick, precision honing of all tools in every market.

The The Diafold® Serrated Knife Sharpener — Sharpens the range of serrated blades in both outdoor and culinary markets.

The Double Sided Diafold® Diamond Sharpener — First two grit sharpening in a convenient pocket sized tool.

6-in-1 Unbreakable Diamond-Ceramic Triangle Sharpener — Combines a patented process which transforms the surface of aluminum to an extremely hard, dense aluminum oxide with DMT diamond strips to create a multipurpose 6 in 1 triangular sharpening tool.

Diafold® Magna-Guide™ Sharpening System — A Diafold® fine / extra-fine sharpener and Aligner™Blade Guide joined with a Magnetic Angle Guide (MAG) offers portable, adjustable guided sharpening. The blade guide provides 7-Angle adjustability for the right edge every time.

The ever evolving DMT line now numbers some 300 different products, targeting markets as varied as culinary, lawn and garden, woodworking and carving, outdoor, speed skate/ski/snowboard, camping, fishing, hunting, police/security, military, industrial, commercial and home improvement (DIY). Entering international markets in the 80’s, the progressive company introduced multi-lingual packaging and marketing materials to present and promote their brand globally. DMT continues to experience growth internationally and exports to 40 countries throughout the world. The firm has been acknowledged with seven Blade Magazine Knife Accessory of the Year Awards and has also received an international award for innovation at Germany’s Practical World Exhibition.


The DMT® Commitment - For more than 30 years, DMT® has been committed to one thing - to innovate and produce the world's finest diamond knife and tool sharpeners.  All DMT® products are made using the highest quality materials and workmanship and are guaranteed to be free of defects.  Any products found to be defective will be replaced free of charge - it's that simple!


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