Replica Battle Axes and Tomahawks
Collector's Armoury proudly presents a collection of replica battle axes and tomahawks through the ages. Lightweight weapons with brutal intent, battle axes and tomahawks could be wielded by hand or thrown at their target.
Collector's Armoury Badges
Collector's Armoury tries to bring history to life for everyone. These badges offer an affordable and accurate collectible for the Old West enthusiast.
Replica Bullets
Collector's Armoury carries an array of classic ammunition from different time periods. These bullets are blanks, intended for display and theatrical use.
Collector's Armoury offers an ideal way to display your replica weapons.
These holsters are designed to carry the replica pistols that Collector's Armoury offers. Their holsters are made from genuine leather and are very true to the originals.
Replica Swords
The Collector's Armoury offers many authentic, affordable, and quality replica swords. Ranging from Scottish Claymores to Civil War Officer Swords
Replica Pistols
The Collector’s Armoury offers many authentic, affordable, quality replicas, including flintlocks and dagger pistols with weights like the real things.
The traditional livestock controller, made from genuine leather with explosive cattle cracking action.
Replica Historical Fixed Blades
Boasting offerings such as the American Toothpick, the German Mauser Bayonet, and the Japanese Arisaka, Collector's Armoury has a wealth of different historical fixed blades.

About Collectors Armoury

In 1968, Replica Models, Inc. was founded as a mail order company designed to provide collectors with a new and innovative product: Non- firing Replica Guns. Replica Models was the first to offer these quality replica guns in the United States.

In 1972, a sister company, Unique Imports, Inc., was established to furnish military collectors with a wide range of original and high quality military collectibles. In 1980 Replica Models, Inc. and Unique Imports, Inc. merged to form Collector's Armoury.

Non-firing replica guns are still a large part of our business today, though our product line has grown to include historic reproductions from the Middle Ages through the 20th Century. From Medieval swords and armour to Old West Pistols and modern replica firearms, Collector's Armoury remains dedicated to providing collectors, history buffs, theatrical groups, and TV and movie producers with high quality, historic reproductions.

Collector's Armoury has served hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide for nearly 40 years. We supply the U.S. Government, Armed Forces, and Law Enforcement communities with products used as training aids. Our products are available on-line, via catalog, or in any of the hundreds of hobby and antique shops, specialty stores, and decorator and gift shops that carry our products nation-wide.

Toll Free: (800) 336-4572 Monday through Friday between 8.30AM and 5.00PM EASTERN TIME.

Address: 442 Westridge Parkway, Building 100, McDonough, GA 30253