Import Line Folding Knives
We are going out on a limb with this one but the Import Line from Brous Blades might just be the best deal in the industry, bar none!
BlackCELL Balisong Butterfly
The BlackCELL has some of the most satisfying action of any balisong and is a great addition to any knife collection whether you can flip or not.
Division Flipper
The Brous Blades Division Flipper offers a clean line design folder that bears a unique aesthetic, solid performance and innovative styling!
Dynamic Flipper
The Dynamic flipper is a full titanium frame lock with a slightly recurved compound tanto D2 blade. This is an extremely well-built knife and is well-suited for any type of task.
Enforcer Karambit
Brous Blades' first folding Karambit, The Enforcer. The Enforcer features 3D-machined black Zytel scales. The aggressively shaped re-curve blade is made from D2 tool steel.
Exo Flipper
One of Brous Blades' flagship models, the Exo packs a lot of punch in a compact EDC (every day carry) size.
Icon Flipper
The Icon was designed to be slim and easy to carry, making it the perfect EDC knife.
MF-CEO Fixed Blade
The MF-CEO was designed in collaboration with tactical trainer James Yeager, is compact and makes for a good backup knife in your EDC or tactical carry.
Parallax Flipper
The Parallax flipper is an extremely slender, lightweight EDC with a unique look and the amazing action you've come to expect from Jason Brous.
Razorback Flipper
At only 7" long overall, it is the smallest knife Brous Blades has made to date. It has a full 3D milled titanium frame lock construction and a recurve D2 blade.
Reloader Flipper
A collaborative design between customer knifemakers Jason Brous and Mikkel Willumsen, The Reloader utilizes an integrated flipper for quick blade deployment on a ball bearing pivot system.
Silent Soldier Flipper
The Silent Soldier Flipper features a hand rubbed D2 tool steel blade with a high utility/self defense, Wharncliffe style profile.
Sinner Flipper
A collaboration designed by custom knife maker Sal Manaro, the Sinner utilizes the proprietary Brous bearing system to achieve an incredibly smooth flipping action.
Strife Flipper
A collaboration knife designed by custom knife maker Dustin Turpin. This beefy, yet lightweight flipper features premium materials and comfortable design. A great choice for every day carry.
T4 Flipper
A collaboration Design by Jason Brous and Jason Moriel-Riboloff from Tanium Design, the T4 was created to fulfill a multi-use category such as a fighter, everyday carry or survival knife.
T5 Fixed Blade
The T4 flipper collaboration between Jason Brous and Jason Moriel-Riboloff from Tanium Design, is now available in fixed blade form, dubbed the T5.
Tyrant Flipper
The Tyrant is perfect for those looking for a full sized knife that still remains slim and sleek enough for easy carry and use.
XR-1 Flipper
The XR-1 flipper is an extremely compact and lightweight EDC that features 3D-machined titanium frames and a hollow ground D2 tool steel blade.

About Jason Brous
Knifemaking encompasses an amazingly broad spectrum of styles ranging from the purely practical to the whimsical. Most makers getting into the craft tend to start with fairly basic, functional designs and, as their skills develop, get more ambitious and artistic. Jason Brous, however, isn’t like most makers.
Although still in his early 20’s, Brous began his efforts in knifemaking with the benefit of nearly 10 years of experience in CNC machining. His father owns a shop that specializes in the custom machining of high-precision components, mainly for the medical industry. As a good son, Brous spent a lot of time in his father’s shop growing up and by his mid teens was actively helping out with production. His skills and knowledge steadily increased and by the time he was 20 he was a seasoned and very competent machinist.
Brous’ interest in knives actually began with art—specifically a style called “Bio-mechanical” art as practiced by one of his favorite artists, a Brazilian painter and tattooist named Lango. Biomechanical art (also called Biomech) is a surrealistic style of art that combines elements of machines and robotics with organic animal features.
Intrigued by this style of art and its similarity to many fantasy knives, Brous figured that knifemaking would be a natural extension of his metalworking skills and an appropriate medium for his artistic ideas. Although he had no specific training in knifemaking, in 2010 he designed and made his first knife—a fantasy design with a Biomech flavor—and eagerly posted photos of it on several Internet knife forums. Unfortunately for him, his design drew harsh criticism from some all-knowing keyboard commandos. However, fortunately for us, he turned that criticism into fierce determination.
Through persistent trial and error, Brous changed his style of knife design to focus on functional simplicity, while still maintaining a strong artistic signature. His early successes came in the form of a series of stout neck knives with dual finger-hole grips. Fans of these “Silent Soldier” neck knives began asking for other expressions of the design. Today Jason is creating numerous variations including a clip point version, a tanto version and the very popular folder version called the Silent Soldier Flipper.
It is important to Brous Blades that all of the knives they produce remain in top quality condition. Whether it has accumulated rust, dirt in hard to reach places, or it even just has a duller edge, please send it back to be refurbished. He even recommends to all of his customers, past or present, to send their knives back every few years to be sharpened and refurbished. Through his career as a knifemaker, Jason is constantly working to improve technique and quality.
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