The Premax Consortium - founded in 1974 by a group of Premana's craftsmen, heirs of a very long tradition in the production of cutting tools started during the 18th century - devotes itself to the promotion and sales of the products manufactured by its 50 associate companies. All are Italian made and designed with a distinctive Italian style and flair.        

For generations, high-quality scissors have been manufactured in the Italian town of Premana near Lake Como. Due to the use of high-grade materials, the attention to detail and European craftsmanship, the local scissors manufactories have asserted their position against the cheap Asian competitors and are highly esteem by their demanding clientele. The new scissors series Ringlock is especially innovative. The classical screw of the scissors is replaced by a specially designed and patented locking system. This Ringlock system is manufactured using a watchmaker's technology and works with a Teflon ring and an aluminum bearing. This provides a permanently precise functioning of the shear blades. The Ringlock system guarantees precise and long-lasting problem-free cutting and hence extends the lifespan of the entire scissors. All models are made of high-quality stainless steel with an exclusive surface treatment and convince with their modern design. Curved cuticle scissors.


The majority of the articles is manufactured using AISI 1050 carbon steel, wihich guarantees a high cutting ability and endurance. Some articles are manufactured also AISI 420 stainless steel, which offers high resistance to corrosion and a optimal cutting ability and endurance.


The scissors are assembled with a screw that allows the regulation and an eventual disassembly for a professional sharpening.


The blades are hardened with chemical salt heat treatment to a hardness of 52-26 HRC, to guarantee a good cutting edge resistance and blades flexibility.


The raw materials undergo several polishing and grinding steps in order to obtain an excellent appearance. The articles manufactured with carbon steel are nickel-plated to protect the steel from corrosion and give a brilliant look to the product. Only the inner blade and the cutting edge are sharpened to improve the cutting performance. It is advisable to avoid contact with water, steam and generally humid conditions.

Some articles are available also with chrome-plated finish, which offers more resistace to corrosion, in comparison with nickel-plated items. Upon request we cannproduce any article manufactured with carbon steel in the chrome-plated finish. Some items are gold-plated, sand-blasted or lacquered.

Care of the product

Premax scissors require little care to last a lifetime: 

they are designed for specific jobs. Use the right one and it will makeyour job easier and faster;
keep the blades clean by wiping them with a soft, dry cloth; 
occasionally use a drop of oil on the blades and joint of scissors; 
after long use have your instrument reground and reset by a professional grinder.


Premax instruments are guaranteed against any failure arising from defective material or workmanship. This guarantee does not apply if the instrument has been abused or misused, i.e. screw removed, allowed to rust or if used for an incorrect purpose, i.e. cuticle scissors to cut nails. Premax will repair or replace (at our option) the defective item.