F.A. Porsche Designed Knives
A Line of kitchen knives and accessories designed by the famous car manufacturer himself.
Kasumi Titanium Knives
Kasumi Titanium knives feature a titanium coating for the ultimate in stain resistance and durability.
Gift Sets from Chroma
Knife Sets from Chroma perfect for your kitchen or a friends.
Chroma Sharpening Products
The best options to keep your Chroma knives at their ideal sharpness.

About Chroma


CHROMA CUTLERY Incorporated is a manufacturer of professional cutlery and related accessories. with distribution in all five continents. For a list of the importer in your country, go to Importers. CHROMA manufactures several brands, for more information about our products, go to Products.


CHROMA is famous in the world of professional chefs for their outstanding quality. Each knife line was carefully manufactured by experienced craftmen or factories, designed by the worlds best designers Conran, Porsche or others.
An open word

CHROMAS price range starts from low to costly. Each knife is worth the price. Do not expect a 10 Dollar knife to do the same great job as a 100 Dollar knife.

All is up to you. If you take good care for the classy knife, you will have all your life a sharp knife in your block, if you abuse it, it will be less worth than a 10 Dollar knife. Please see our Philosophy department.

Warranty Information

CHROMA guarantees any stainless steel product that it sells to be free from defect in material, construction or workmanship for the life of the product under normal use and following the care instructions. This excludes damage caused by misuse or accident. This warranty extends only to the product's original purchaser. Chips in the knife blades, broken knife tips, discolorations from food and rust spots are not covered. Knife chips and broken knife tips can often be repaired by re-sharpening. For repair information, please contact the shop where you bought the product. Chips in the knife blades, broken knife tips, discolorations and rust spots can be avoided by following the care instructions.

Whether  your interests are primarily in hobby or professional cooking, we have  the right cnife to suit your needs. A number of well-known professional  gourmet chefs use Chroma Cnives in their kitchens. Take the time to look  through our collections on line, and we are confident you will find our  cnives a welcome addition to your kitchen as well.
The  handle of the Type 301 by F.A. Porsche is constructed of 18/10  stainless steel, and the blade is made of high-quality Japanese 301  steel. The blade of each knife is carefully sharpened by the hand of a  master. Whether your interests are primarily in hobby or professional  cooking, we have the right knife to suit your needs.

Why You Need a Chef's Knife

The  chef's knife will be used the most in your kitchen. You will use it for  chopping, slicing, dicing, and cutting. Professional chef's seem to  choose a 12 inch blade for their chef's knife but the home cook can  usually get away with an 8 inch blade chef's knife for all intensive  purposes. You'll need to hold one of each size to determine which would  work best for you.

Why You Need a Serrated Knife

The  saw-like teeth of a serrated knife make it easy to slice through things  that are hard on the outside but soft on the inside such as a loaf of  crusty French bread.

The  serrated knife is designed to be used like a saw, gliding the knife in  your hand, back and forth, with each pass cutting deeper into the food  item.

Serrated  knives come in many different lengths.  I find the 5 inch length to be  the most comfortable and useful for me.  As a guide, you should choose  one that will be long enough to cut through a loaf of bread.

Why You Need a Paring Knife

A  paring knife is used when you need to do more controlled cutting in the  kitchen such as when you will be peeling and cutting delicate fruit, or  for cutting and chopping smaller ingredients such as garlic. You'll  also use your paring knife for detailed cutting such as when you need to  slice vents into your pastry dough, or for removing ribs from fresh  peppers.

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