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Elliot and Chris Williamson are continuing to dial in their fit and finish. Every time they do something a little different in a knife (which is every run), they learn a little bit more. After making close to 3000 knives already from a plethora of blade materials, they've crammed an entire career's worth of learning into a few years. That allowed them to get the big, important parts figured out early so they can focus on the subtle details of fitting knives. They have made a point to not build knives that fall closed on their own like so many people "go crazy" for online. It comes down to a simple safety issue. Knives that fall closed on their own are bound to cut you, and not by any fault of the user. Elliot and Chris can't knowingly sell a product that will cut the end user in the absence of doing something stupid. And let's be honest, the guillotine right in the middle of the thumb knuckle is one of the most annoying cuts to have. They have found a nice middle ground with their products, balancing smooth, fast action with supremely precise tolerances, and have decided that information about them and specifically how they do things is going to be important to the Ferrum Forge brand and its success. They're actively trying to disseminate more information about their knives, what goes into making them, and Chris and Elliot as the makers to show customers that they are professionals and do the leg work (research, experimenting, time, etc.) so they can know what they are getting is more than just a sharp knife, it's a tool you can count your life on, collect, and enjoy with the utmost satisfaction and pride.