Denix Accessories
Add some flair to your collection, or some detail to your costume with these fantastic accessories from Denix.
Denix Displays
These display items are perfect for showing off many of Denix's reproduction items, including flintlocks and swords.
Denix Letter Openers
A line of letter openers in the shape of miniatures swords. They are made from metal and feature a fantastic level of detail.
Denix Miniatures
A line of historically accurate reproductions perfect for the avid collector or history buff.
Denix Reproduction Axes
These reproduction Axes from Denix have an astounding level of historically accurate detail and are made from real wood and metal. They make a great decorative or costuming piece.
Denix Reproduction Badges
This line of reproduction badges run the gamut of law enforcement and military badges. They are made from metal and have an amazing attention to historical realism.
Denix Reproduction Daggers
These reproduction daggers from Denix make a great decorative piece and have unsharpened edges for safety.
Denix Reproduction Flintlock Firearms
These reproduction flintlock firearms are made with extreme attention to detail, and feature simulated firing mechanisms. Great for any collection or for costuming.
Denix Reproduction Swords
These reproduction swords from Denix have an astounding level of detail and make great display pieces.