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Reate Knives
Reate Knives
Reate Knives

Reate Knives

Reate is a new brand manufacturing high quality knives with superior materials. They are capable of manufacturing high quality knives with professional production equipment including CNC high speed engraving machine, milling, CNC grinding and low temperature tempering furnace. They believe good quality and innovation is the key to development and stick to this philosophy by continuously producing high quality knives with variety of innovative designs. You will not be disappointed!

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Reate Augustus
The Augustus model is our favorite Kirby Lambert design with a wicked compound ground clip point blade and a recurve edge for maximum cutting power.
Reate Baby Machine
Designed in collaboration with Tashi Bharucha, the Baby Machine is an EDC ready variant of his custom model with stellar ergonomics and a stunning profile.
Reate Crossroads
The Kirby Lambert Crossroads' teardrop shape and dual finger grooves combine for a solid non-slip grip no matter what task you're performing.
Reate Epoch
The Epoch marked a new coming of age for Reate Knives, giving the consumer much more variety to their standard production models.
Reate Fallout 2.0
The Fallout is Rick Barrett's signature model and Reate has more than done this knife justice with their rendition, even impressing the maker with the outstanding quality and amazing action.
Reate Horizon-D
One of Reate's original models, the Horizon, has undergone number changes over the years but they've found a version that is near perfection in the Horizon-D and we highly recommend it!
Reate J.A.C.K.
The Reate J.A.C.K. isn't just another cutting knife, it's so much more than that. With an integral titanium frame, beautiful brass or marble carbon fiber inlays, and amazing flipping action - there isn't a single thing we don't love about this knife.
Reate K-1
Designed by Chinese knifemaker Solo Jack, the K-1 is one of the premier knives in our building in terms of well...just about everything!
Reate K-2
This folding pocket katana is a simple knife from Reate yet its intriguing look and stellar ergonomics make it truly one of our favorites.
Reate K-3
The K-3 does away with all pretense of subtly in favor of a look that is eye-catching, unique, and more mechanical in nature than any of Reate's previous designs.
Reate K-4
The K-4 features the same handle profile as the K-1 with a pair of inlays on the presentation scale and a tactical compound tanto blade shape.
Reate T2500
The T2500 is a small but impressive knife providing you with a great deal of value, especially at its price point.
Reate T4000
The T4000 is an excellent full-size tactical design from knifemaker/designer Tashi Bharucha with plenty of the style you've come to expect.
Reate Torrent
The Torrent combines a tactical look with Reate's signature buttery smooth action for an EDC blade that can do it all and will look and fell good doing it.
Reate Valhalla
The Horizon meets the Torrent in the Valhalla flipper from Reate Knives. This tactical folder is a stylish choice when out on the battlefield and it also excels anywhere you might need a quality knife.
Reate Wave
The Wave is a high-end gentleman's EDC knife with lightning fast action and beautiful milled titanium inlays to spice up an already impressive look.