Real Steel AlieNeck
The elegant AlieNeck stems from Real Steel's cooperation with the designer Ostap Hel. For different cutting styles they have utilized either a hawkbill or wharncliffe blade with a slight amount of belly.
Real Steel Arbiter Series
The Arbiter is a large fixed blade with a wide range of applications due to is streamlined design and drop point style blade.
Real Steel Archangel
The second collaborative design from Real Steel and industry veteran Chad Los Banos. With an atypical stylized handle, Los Banos has designed a knife with the utmost attention to ergonomics.
Real Steel Banshee Series
The Banshee is the second installment from custom knifemaker Jakub Wieczorkiewicz of Poltergeist Works.
Real Steel Bushcraft
Bushcrafts are suitable for any outdoor activity. The simple and straightforward design delivers a far more exciting return.
Real Steel Control
The Control is a joint creation between Poltergeist Works and Real Steel. It is a weighty flipper knife that oozes style.
Real Steel Cormorant
The Cormorant is a lightweight fixed blade knife with an extendable, skeletonized handle.
Real Steel Crusader
Designed by Polish custom knifemaker Jakub Wieczorkiewicz, the Crusader features a high-performance opening mechanism as well as his individually designed opening thumb disk.
Real Steel Doppler Series
A collaboration with little known Polish knife designer Maciej Torbe, the Real Steel Doppler is a fixed blade knife with flowing lines and a seriously beefy blade.
Real Steel E-Series
These stylish folders have unbelievable action and come at an affordable price.
Real Steel Forager Series
A fixed blade that takes comfort in the beauty of simplicity, the Forager from Real Steel contains everything needed for an EDC fixed blade in a streamlined package.
Real Steel G-Series
These classy knives embody the elegance and innovative style of the G (Gentleman) series.
Real Steel Gardarik Series
The Gardarik represents an updated take in RSK’s fixed knife range, with larger and ambitious fixed knife projects. This knife heralds the unveiling of another RSK designer Ivan Braginets.
Real Steel H-Series
Real Steel's H-Series provides the brand with some unorthodox designs. Thinking outside the box, Real Steel uses some different color schemes and blade shapes.
Real Steel Harrier
Celebrating the 5th birthday of Real Steel, the Harrier is a uniquely designed flipper knife that is sure to impress.
Real Steel Havran
The Havran is a classic EDC with a geometrically-minded design aesthetic.
Real Steel Hunter 165 Series
The Hunter 165 is a compact hunting knife made from one piece of stainless steel. It is 6.50" long, 0.13" thick, and the blade is made from the easily sharpened Sandvik 12C27 steel.
Real Steel Ippon
Based on the quintessential designs of Japanese knives, the Ippon is an emulation of Western knife structure and Eastern knife aesthetics.
Real Steel Japanese Whetstones
A selection of whetstones made from from natural and synthetic material with interchangeable bases.
Real Steel Luna
The Luna is Real Steel's first slipjoint knife designed by Jakub Wieczorkiewicz of Poltergeist Works.
Real Steel Marlin Survival
The Marlin Survival is a fixed blade knife that comes with several holes milled out of the handle that allow it to double as a spearhead when lashed with paracord.
Real Steel Pelican
The Pelican is Real Steel's first collaboration with designer Aslan Zhanabayev, and makes a great choice as an EDC knife.
Real Steel Precision
The Precision is a compact, unobtrusive flipper knife with milled G10 handles.
Real Steel RealSlim
The design is characterized by dynamic lines that merge and harmonize with each other, with the slim shape of the knife being reminiscent of French designs.
Real Steel Receptor Series
Similar to the Arbiter in shape and style the Receptor is a small, dexterous, fixed blade EDC.
Real Steel Relict
The Relict is an auxiliary hunter's knife with a unique design. It has a built in cartridge extractor for both 12 and 16 caliber cartridges.
Real Steel S-Series
Real Steel's S-Series provides the brand with some tried and tested designs. These have been revamped with higher quality materials and other subtle improvements.
Real Steel Sidus
A sleek and refined folder with a proprietary lock from Real Steel, the Sidus is a great looking knife with a interesting combination of materials in the handles.
Real Steel Sorrow Series
A sturdy fixed blade with a serious grip, the Sorrow from Real Steel gets the job done.
Real Steel T-Series
Thor, the Norse god of thunder, is known for his unyielding power. The same can be said for Real Steel's T-Series.
Real Steel T99
A sturdy fixed blade with a ton of useful features.
Real Steel Terra Series
The Real Steel Terra is a no-frills, versatile knife sure to please any user or collector.

Mr. Liang Gang was born in Yulin China in 1973. Since the early 90s he works in the knife industry and has made himself a name with extraordinary designs. In the last ten years, a lot of famous brands used his special blade designs. He is In the first place an excellent engineer and experienced production manager. His designs are predestined for mass production and are characterized by maximum attainable workmanship. Since 2013, Mr. Liang Gang provides his exclusive designs for the Real Steel brand.

Mr. Huang Liangzhi (Carson Huang), 1976 born in Nanning/China, is a young Chinese designer who has made a name for himself as an exceptional knife designer. Since 1995 he is developing his outstanding knife designs. Mr. Huang is an expert in the area of structural design. For the production of his knives he exclusively uses the very best materials. In 2013, Mr. Huang began to work with Real Steel Knives and in 2014 the first knives from this cooperation come onto the market. We hereby declare that Mr. Huang officially put his designs of the models Griffin and Exorcist at Real Steel Knives disposal.

Our professionalism, expertise and years of experience in developing and manufacturing reflect in the quality of our knives. Long before Real Steel presented its own brand, our manufacturing facility had more than 15 years of experience in the producing and developing high-quality knives. Real Steel stands for continuous quality and first-class product range. Furthermore, we can look back on a long and stable cooperation with some of the world´s most famous brands. We believe and hope that the Real Steel series is the right choice for you.

We as manufacturers always value our client’s wishes and suggestions and will also quickly and directly implement them into future products. Finally, we would like to thank our friends and partners from the United States, Germany, Russia and all other countries that have actively contributed to the founding of Real Steel .

The Real Steel product line offers a wide range of folding knives, fixed knives and accessories.

T- Series: Tactical Knives

M-Series: Multifunction and Rescue Knives

H- Series: Hunting and Fishing Knives

E- Series: EDC knives for everyday use

S- Series: Handmade or limited knives

Real Steel Folder-Production:

1. Excellent experience with heat treatment

2. Fine blanking

3. CNC wet grinding process

4. The own manufacturing of screws.