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The manufacturer of Ruger Knives, CRKT offers a broad line of sport, work, and professional knives and tools that are purpose-driven designs.
Ruger 1911 Multi-Tool
The 1911 Multi-Tool is equipped with a burly blade, pliers, spring cutter, 3 flat screwdrivers, punch rod, file, and Allen Wrenches that are equipped to work on a range of 1911 models.
Ruger 2-Stage Flipper Folding Knife
Designed by Robert Carter, the 2-Stage is a tactical flipper featuring a tanto blade and aluminum/stainless steel handles. Available in two sizes.
Ruger Accurate Folder and Fixed Blade
Designed by renowned knifemaker and designer Bill Harsey, the Accurate is a full-tang, fixed blade hunter with a satin finish blade and rubber, overmold handles.
Ruger All-Cylinders Folding Knife
The All-Cylinders folder comes fully loaded to ride along with any Ruger firearm - featuring a black, stonewashed blade, machined G10 handles, unique, "revolver cylinder-style" pivot point and 2-position clip.
Ruger AR Multi-Tool
Built to quickly clean 12 critical surfaces of bolt components, it’s equipped to restore an AR to working order at the range or in the field.
Ruger Bolt-Action Pens & Pencils
The Bolt-Action Pencil is addictive. You will find yourself running the bolt action mechanism through its paces repeatedly it's so smooth and intuitive to use.
Ruger Carbine
Like some Ruger firearms, the Carbine is small, sweet but packs a lot of heat. With a stonewashed drop point blade, glass reinforced nylon full-tang handle with fob, and sturdy sheath featuring a lanyard, this fixed blade is ready to tag along.
Ruger Cordite Fixed Blade
The Cordite is a stalwart survival knife that fears nothing. Its can-do design by Ryan Johnson salutes Ruger - particularly the black, drop point blade.
Ruger Crack-Shot Compact Folding Knife
The Crack-Shot Compact everyday folder is a tribute to the popular Ruger American Rifle. CRKT's precise execution of this Ken Steigerwalt design rings true in all ways.
Ruger Folding Knives with FieldStrip Technology
Pioneered by Ken Onion, FieldStrip Technology provides in-field, no-tool take apart capability right where you are, without ever returning to your workbench.
Ruger Follow-Through Flipper Folding Knife
The Follow-Through everyday folder would rather do than talk. Matthew Lerch's design brings Ruger gun making savvy to CRKT knife-craft. With classic checkering inspired by the rugged Ruger American Pistol.
Ruger Go-N-Heavy Folding Knife
The Go-N-Heavy is what a capable folding knife is supposed to feel like. A tactical folder by CRKT, it was designed for tough times. That's because Oregon designer Bill Harsey gave it one rugged backbone to stand up to any challenge it meets.
Ruger High-Brass
The High-Brass features an assisted opening mechanism and it really packs a powerful punch!
Ruger Hollow-Point Flipper Folding Knife
The Hollow-Point knife is designed by Ken Onion for the exclusive Ruger knife line by CRKT.
Ruger LCK Lightweight Compact Flipper Folding Knife
Taking design cues from the popular Ruger LCP II, the LCK (Lightweight Compact Knife) is ready for anything, just like its .380 Auto counterpart.
Ruger Muzzle-Brake Fixed Blade
The Muzzle-Brake has elements from a traditional bowie design but is developed with the construction techniques of today.
Ruger Over-Bore
With its silver stonewash finish and holographic Ruger eagle logo in the handle, the Over-Bore catches the eye like a high-gloss revolver.
Ruger RTD Ruger Take Down Flipper Folding Knife
The RTD is named for and inspired by the Ruger 10/22 Takedown. Designed by Matthew Lerch and featuring Ken Onion’s innovative Field Strip Technology, it's sure to be an instant classic.
Ruger Shotgun Multi-Tool
Designer Joe Wu has given the stainless steel Shotgun Tool both a compact, highly useful blade on a slip joint as well as a tool for swapping out chokes.
Ruger Trajectory Assisted Folding Knife
Ready for anything, the Trajectory from Matthew Lerch is a straight shooter with a functional drop point blade and ergonomic stainless steel handle.
Ruger Windage
The Ruger WIndage has been finely tuned into the perfect knife, boasting a stonewashed drop point blade.