RMJ Tactical Berserker Tomahawk
The Berserker is an all-steel integral design based on a 9th century Viking wood axe.
RMJ Tactical Shrike Tomahawk
The Shrike is the best-selling CNC machined recreation of the original hammer-forged tomahawk from RMJ Tactical.
RMJ Tactical Eagle Talon Tomahawk
The Eagle Talon was the first all-steel integral designed tomahawk, originally designed by Ryan Johnson way back in 2001.
RMJ Tactical Kestrel Tomahawk
The Kestrel is the shorter version of the popular Eagle Talon tomahawk designed for concealed carry and use in tighter quarters.
RMJ Tactical Jenny Wren Spike and Hammer Poll Tomahawks
The Jenny Wren is designed to be ultra-lightweight and fast for close quarters combat and light breaching.
RMJ Tactical Mini Jenny Spike and Hammer Poll Tomahawk
Ryan Johnson designed the Mini Jenny to be the lightest most concealable tomahawk that RMJ has ever developed.
RMJ Tactical Kukri Fixed Blade Knives
After years of customer demands, Ryan Johnson finally introduced a design that melded the RMJ style and durability with the legendary kukri.
RMJ Tactical Combat Africa Fixed Blade Knives
The Combat Africa is a do-it-all combat knife with World War II lines and modern day feel.
RMJ Tactical Bumble Bee Pendant
The Bumble Bee mini tomahawk includes a ball chain to be worn around the neck as a pendant so you always have a cutting edge close at hand.
RMJ Tactical Bushcrafter Tomahawk
Designed by Tom Krein, the Bushcrafter's compact length makes it easy to transport and stow, and a pleasure to use around camp.
RMJ Tactical COHO Fixed Blade
What it lacks in overall size, the COHO more than makes up for that in terms of toughness, ergonomics, carriability, and ease of use.
RMJ Tactical Da Choppa Fixed Blade
Da Choppa is a lightweight, fast in the hand outdoor chopping machine perfect for camp chores, food prep and large enough to do some choppin' for your fire.
RMJ Tactical Dragonfly Push Dagger
Comfortably sitting between the middle and ring finger, the Dragonfly is a great defensive knife and a great edition to your everyday carry system.
RMJ Tactical Jungle Combat Fixed Blade Knife
The Jungle Combat is Ryan Johnson's homage to the Vietnam era knife with a menacing clip point Bowie blade and handmade leather sheath.
RMJ Tactical Korbin Karambit
When it comes to CQC knives, there aren't many better than a karambit. When it comes to karambits, there aren't many better than the RMJ Korbin.
RMJ Tactical Little Bird Tomahawk
The Little Bird is a versatile tool for cutting wood, food preparation, clearing your camp site, fire starting and any other cutting chores.
RMJ Tactical Loggerhead Tomahawk
Best described as a Shrike without a Spike, the Loggerhead takes one of RMJ's best models an makes it more utilitarian adding a full formed hammer to the awesome design.
RMJ Tactical Nomad
The Nomad is a hunting style fixed blade that excels in the outdoors and is the perfect knife on your belt and around camp.
RMJ Tactical Peregrine Fixed Blade Knives
The Peregrine is a fast, light, general purpose/fighting fixed blade that is sized for EDC with two distinct, specially designed cutting sections.
RMJ Tactical Quill Awl
This ultra-light awl/pry bar is made from CPM-3V tool steel and comes with an easily carried leather drop sheath.
RMJ Tactical Raider Dagger
Designed for Marines Special Operations Command, this is a modern day take on the World War II Raider Dagger, adjusting steel, design and carry system for the modern day battle space.
RMJ Tactical Reaver Push Dagger
This Jonathan Carmack design provides you with a ton of reach and is specifically designed for maximum force transfer down the arm during use.
RMJ Tactical Sheaths
Designed to transform your RMJ Tactical blade into a top-tier outdoor tool, each leather sheath is perfect fit to a specific model.
RMJ Tactical Snuggles Warhammers
Snuggles, the modern Warhammer Breaching Tool follows RMJ's mantra, one tool many tasks. It combines aggressive looks with formidable capability in one package.
RMJ Tactical Sparrow Fixed Blade Knife
If you are looking for the perfect EDC knife that can be easily concealed then look no further than the Sparrow.
RMJ Tactical Thumper - The Angry Steve
The Thumper or Angry Steve is handmade from solid Tennessee Hickory and available with or without a pewter weighted core.
RMJ Tactical Tusk Pry Tool
The Tusk is an ultra tough pocket size pry bar designed for daily carry with a 360° disc cutter for additional functionality.
RMJ Tactical UCAP Series
The UCAP "Up Close and Personal" knife is a fast, light, general purpose/fighting fixed blade, sized for everyday carry.
RMJ Tactical Unmei
The Unmei is a Japanese kwaiken-style inspired fixed blade that excels in a concealed carry or everyday carry role.
RMJ Tactical Utsidihi Fixed Blade Knives
The Utsidihi (Cherokee title for "mankiller") is a low profile, skeletonized handled fixed blade designed for deep concealed carry.
RMJ Tactical Valet Trays
This leather valet tray has been handcrafted by RMJ's custom leathershop Chattanooga Leather Works and is a must for that knife collector in your life.
RMJ Tactical Wyvern Short Sword
The Wyvern, with its menacing 14.25” CPM-3V steel blade, is designed and constructed for chopping and bushcraft, but it’s so nice that it would be right at home hung on your wall.
RMJ Tactical ZP-CUT Zip Cutter
This zip pull cutter is a great keyring accessory that can be used to open a box or to save your life.
RMJ Tactical Fixed Blade Knives
Fixed blades from RMJ are some of the most well-designed and superbly built pieces perfect for any battlefield.
RMJ Tactical Sheaths
Designed to transform your RMJ Tactical blade into a top-tier outdoor tool, each leather sheath is perfect fit to a specific model.
RMJ Tactical Thumper
A non-lethal tool designed for close quarters self-defense, the Thumper is easy to wield without any training.
RMJ Tactical Tomahawk Trainers
100% nylon trainers of classic RMJ Tactical tomahawks with the look and feel of the real deal.
RMJ Tactical Tomahawks
RMJ Tactical Tomahawks set the standard to which all others are compared.